Was $2.50 or $40,000 more important to driving a better culture and performance?

Our values unite us. 

Values drive what we do — not our age, gender, location, income or education. 

A values-driven business with a shared purpose that is bigger than just its products and services ignites more influence and sells more. 

People are hardwired to chase what they value, to be around people that share common values.

To transact with businesses that share their values. It is just what people do. 

Values-Driven businesses achieve more, have a better culture, get the best staff, and sell more.  


FOSTER DENOVO + SUE SKATES Financial advisory firm launches sustainability workplace program

In August 2021, UK-based financial advisory firm Foster Denovo partnered with Sue Skeats to launch a pilot of Skeats’ 100 Ways in 100 Days workplace program. 

100 Ways attracts and engages staff and clients and saves money.  

  • The e-learning initiative informs and educates employees through bite-sized lessons empowering them to make small changes and sustainability improvements in their everyday lives. 

The UN says humans have ten years to mitigate climate catastrophe. 

Environmentalism is a core value for the majority of people. 

I received a phone call from the CFO of a business with revenue circa $200 plus million. 

  • An executive had wrongly used their corporate credit card to purchase a personal use product. 
  • I immediately thought about what I needed to know about the circumstances and what to do next. 
  • The CFO talked for about ten minutes about everything but the key facts. In the end, it was a mistake when paying for a newspaper. The $2.50 was repaid – I recommended that it was the end of the matter. 

I was at another meeting of a different business where the company secretary reported that there had a been a theft of $40,000. (businesses revenue was more than $600 million)

  • A vehicle was left unlocked with an unlimited spend credit card stolen from the unlocked glove box. 
  • The theft of the card had resulted in the illegal purchase of $40,000 in fuel. 
  • The police notified – the company secretary provided no further explanation – the page now turned ready to explain the next item. 

There is much more to this – but the point is both culture and values.

One business leader was deeply concerned about $2.50 the other person – had little interest in the theft of $40,000. 

Values, purpose, culture and performance are one. 

Today we can pinpoint the shared values that motivate any group of people, so you can more easily engage them to build shared values and grow businesses and organisations to be bigger and better. 

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