How 75% of buyers are influenced and buy more on social media today

Covid has changed human behaviour. 

We have built a moat around our castles. 

It kept covid away. With fewer visitors, less leaving our homes, more working from home. 

The moat that worked well has continued past peak covid. 

Collectively, we are more engaged with issues now than at any time in the last fifty years. 

More time to consume news and other content during covid lockdowns has made us more aware and informed post covid. 

The moat has delivered a blow to businesses wanting to grow more new buyers, clients and customers.

  • 0.3% of cold calls get an appointment.
  • 90% plus of decision-makers never take a call from either a blocked id or unknown phone number. 
  • 98% of cold calls never get a callback. 
  • Cold emails have a 0.1% to 3% success rate. 

As we move around less, word of mouth recommendations has less currency.

Today, 97% of consumers go online to find and research products and services.

And 47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before making contact. From start to sign up, content consumption is over 30 pieces. 

How do you grow more new buyers – more revenue? 

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

75% of B2B buyers are influenced by social media when making a purchasing decision.

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them. 

To influence and sell more starts with capturing more Attention.

ATTENTION is now the most valuable asset today in the world. 

92% of buyers will connect and engage with an industry expert – few will do so for salespeople. 

Strategic attention: positions and equips businesses and their teams with a strategic narrative, pitch and expert content that allows them to tell a bigger story than just their products and services to influence and sell more. 

Now it is time for your business to join the Social Selling economy.

We deliver more attention, influence and engagement with your perfect buyers so you sell more. 

We guarantee 8x more social media posts than you are getting today – find a lower price we will beat it by 15%.  

ACCELERATE – provides a monthly subscription social media publishing + strategy service. 

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. If so please share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

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