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Accelerate provides a monthly subscription social media publishing + strategy service for the implementation, optimization, and reporting ensuring success for businesses to launch and manage their social influence and selling – as either outsourced or support service provider.

We do everything or just a little – you choose. Increasing your share of voice and engagement – maximises influence, revenue and market dominance.



Google Ads

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Lead Generation

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Partner Heros


No business can afford to be average; it will not survive today.
Deliverables – Leadership | board planning retreats, workshops with powerful global and local insights, frameworks for growth from the best in the world. Value – drives culture, performance, HR, and revenue growth.

B2B Onboarding and Set up

We guide you through an onboarding process that enables the algorithms to understand your ideal buyer profile(s). You will meet with your Customer Success Manager for an onboarding session, with an in-depth walkthrough of the platform and strategies for optimising your results.
The campaign team will handle the account setup and provide comprehensive ongoing data reporting—custom messaging based on your unique offers and best practices from thousands of experiments will then start.

Your Campaign Starts

Your campaigns will automatically start 2-3 business days from your onboarding call if you want; you can then put the campaign on auto-pilot. The team will implement strategy, analyse the ongoing performance, and provide data-driven experiment recommendations, ensuring things run smoothly and always at optimal levels.

You Receive Your First Leads

Within days of the B2B campaigns starting, you can expect to receive your first leads from companies who are interested in taking the conversation forward. Your dashboard allows monitoring of the progress across all channels. It can adjust the parameters through the – Refine Criteria section, ensuring the campaigns align with your latest business strategy and consistently deliver the best results.

Email marketing to win more buyers.

Win more with lead generation by leveraging the top 3% of high-performing email sequences from over 12,000 campaigns.
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How it works

Email outreach campaigns that arrive in the inbox rather than in the spam folder start with precise targeting of your ideal buyers. We ask questions to understand what your business does and how it helps your customers.

The next steps
Helped by an AI-powered processing engine that crunches many unique combinations of algorithmic attribution models to get the best return,
Continuously improving conversion rates and lead quality from highly customised a/b experiments as AI does its job.
The approach follows a scientific method for precise experimentation, taking the guesswork out of your email marketing campaigns and allowing you to make decisions based on real-time data. Suddenly, email marketing can become your most powerful tool.

Built-in positive response detection
The email marketing module includes an innovative positive response detection feature.
It uses a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) algorithm, which screens all replies generated across all channels.
The goal is to pick up those positive responses on your behalf so you can follow up with them immediately.
Our screeners check all replies to ensure we get all conversations that could lead to an opportunity. This methodology can save you dozens of hours a month by pre-qualifying leads so they’re ready to purchase when you hand them over to your sales team.
Our aim: get the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Social media marketing

Drive high-converting sales conversations with your ideal prospects through unique dialogue-driven strategies.
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How it works
Social media outreach campaigns are one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers; on social media platforms, engage with them, build trust, and sell more.

Demonstrate a genuine interest in the prospect through automated profile views, and Twitter likes.
We send connection requests and message sequences, ensuring you’re only engaging with people ready to engage with you.
The technology enables you to send messages to open profiles and communicate with highly engaged users looking to carry out business relationships online.
Your target audience – is vital.
Identifying your target audience is a marketing campaign’s first and most crucial aspect.
Proprietary algorithm
It uses natural language processing (NLP) to screen your campaigns’ replies and suggest the best way to respond automatically and quickly.
By streamlining this process on your behalf, we can save you dozens of hours per month and focus on positive responses only.
You can dig in deep and look at responses on a case-by-case basis. Or the team of screeners will review all responses to ensure that every advantage of every sales opportunity is ready.
Time-saving solution
Our solution saves time and creates a more streamlined lead-generation process.
Done for you
Setting up and running your social outreach campaigns – all you have to worry about is following up on your leads and turning them into paying customers.

Retargeting Ads

Capture more attention of your targets or businesses by displaying high-converting advertising to your bounced traffic.
Retargeting is the art and science of actively targeting people who’ve visited your website and then navigated away from it without completing an action.
The bespoke, pixel-based retargeting solution is specifically for B2B companies. It enables two forms of retargeting using both cookies and IP addresses.
It allows you to target entire departments or companies instead of just an individual who abandoned your website.
B2B is all about group decision-making. All key decision-makers are targeted, boosting your chances of converting a sale even without knowing their names and email addresses.
Combining retargeting and IP tracking with your dedicated marketing messages, you can achieve the holy grail of marketing: reaching the right person in the right place with the right message at the right time.
The retargeting module includes an advertising budget, a no-cost campaign setup, and an advertising design service.
The team continuously review and analyse the campaign performance and adjust the advertising copy and strategy as necessary.
We get to know our clients’ businesses and figure out how best to help their companies succeed.


Generate more qualified traffic to your website by leveraging top-performing PPC strategies optimised for conversions.
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PPC ads
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are one of the best ways to drive large amounts of traffic to your website or landing pages. Unlike other types of marketing, which can take time to show results, PPC ads tend to deliver results almost immediately.

Yet it is complex to set up and manage – you don’t have to worry about this.

The PPC campaigns include
campaign setup,
advertising copywriting,
ongoing optimisation,
from a $300 monthly advertising budget,
Proven strategies
The PPC campaigns are from the science of proven strategies that have helped countless companies generate conversions and revenue.
By harnessing more targeted keywords and consistently augmenting campaigns with scientific A/B testing, we can ensure that every campaign makes a big difference to our client’s bottom lines,

Sales Chatbot

Automatically generate qualified sales leads from your website with our powerful rule-based logic chatbot.
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Start chatting with your target buyers.
Your potential buyers turn up at all times of the night and day to your website. Today’s bots, powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, are so good at interacting with humans that they could almost pass for real people.

The sales chatbot helps capture lead information, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to engage with your web visitors in real-time – 24|7.

Best practise

Knowing what makes your company tick and identifying the best ways to use chatbots to revolutionise your lead generation is a critical step – one step we focus on closely.
Our high-converting chatbot strategies are designed explicitly for B2B companies, and we apply the learnings from one campaign to all others.
A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you or your Campaign Manager to quickly and easily add new conversation pathways or new functionality without needing to hire a professional developer,
The chatbot module allows you to create an automated digital assistant that acts as an extension of your sales team.
After the initial setup, which is all about creating a chatbot unique to your business and specifically designed to add value to the lives of your buyers and prospects, it will act as an extension of your sales team.
Each chatbot asks the right questions of the right people so that they can automatically identify the most promising leads and flag them for follow-up from your sales team.
The setup and ongoing optimisation are all part of the service.

Social Selling

Generate more organic attention and engagement and sell more across multiple social media platforms – where your buyers are, from Linkedln to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – this is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business is chasing them.

An investment in Social Selling returns, on average, five dollars for every dollar invested. That results from a survey of 47,000 Sales Reps across 200 businesses across multiple countries.
We understand your potential buyers want the engagement and conversation experience first.