Innovation: Google solved how AI can operate the same as humans – how to win

If you want to succeed in any given field, you have two options:

1. Try to figure out everything on your own.

2. Reverse-engineer and learn from other people’s successes. 

Now a third way. 

DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, has solved how to develop artificial intelligence (AI) units that operate on the same level as humans.  

A research scientist at Deepmind, Nando de Freitas, said that by achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) –the game is over.

Gato – (the Google project name) performs over 600 tasks on the same level as an ordinary person and can respond to multiple requests at once. Gato talks and listens to people rather than receiving coded inputs. 

Dominos: the fast-food pizza business in the USA, announces their new mind-ordering app. 

  • It uses facial recognition and eye-tracking to let users place orders. It is a glimpse into the next level of virtual customer experiences. 
  • What is next? Machine learning reads body language and listens to conversations, picking when people are in the mood for pizza before they know it themselves – placing the order just in time to satisfy your peak hunger. 

Understandably 66% of US voters agree AI and machine learning will eliminate jobs and drive unemployment up.

McKinsey, the global management consulting business, in a recent article about the future of work

  • 1 in 16, people will need to find a different occupation (not employer) by 2030 – now eight years away. 
  • The highest job disruptions will be the on-site customer and people interactions.
  • Retail, work in leisure and travel, restaurants and hotels; indoor production and warehousing, factories; and computer-based office work and marketing.
  • The number of management of people roles will decline rapidly – as AI units replace more people. 

There are three megatrends, 

  • Unprecedented automation from frontline to management (the future CEO might be AI?)
  • Rapid falls in the cost to operate because of automation.
  • Demographic shifts – fewer workers available as the baby boomers bubble retires. 

The big issue – what is the future of work?

 Do humans work fewer hours a week as automation takes a greater role? 

What education do future workers best need? 

Are you impressed – or frightened? (Let me know in the chatbox below?) 

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