Who is David Harris ?

  • Every business starts with a problem; Ours is simple; business advice in the past is expensive and often ineffective we on the other hand have revolutionised our pricing.
  • Hi, I have been helping businesses grow, perform better for over 15 years.
  • In fact, I have worked with businesses in key decision roles that whilst I was helping them grow they accumulated $5.4 + billion in sales.
  • Now this is a big number and its only importance is this is an attempt to quantify my experience and knowledge I have accumulated.
  • I have had this lifelong journey – About > Why?
  • Why does one business achieve more? How can the insights be exported into other businesses so they grow faster.
  • Sometimes I am asked to speak to other business groups. This is me below speaking at an international accounting firms event.
  • There is nothing complicated about what we do; we provide the worlds best available Customer – Centred Growth Intelligence, so your business grows faster.