10x More Sales And Profits With Social Media: Yet Your Business Is Invisible

How To Sell More Today: Be Seen More On Social Media Today.

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We professionally manage clients’ social media and their social selling success so they do less and sell more from $199 a month

The Opportunity

10x More Sales And Profits With Social Media

10x more of your potential future customers are on multiple social media platforms daily.

Your Problem

Your Business Is Almost Invisible Today.

The Solution

Gain fresh branded content: published on social media all day, delivering results to sell more.

Move From Invisible to Irresistible To Sell More

Plus many more...

Social selling is lead generation from social media.

Many of your future customers find your business on social media rather than your business chasing them, and your salespeople directly interact with them across multiple social media platforms to sell more.

ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world.

We at ACCELERATE - deliver more attention, influence and engagement with your perfect future customers to sell more.

How to Sell More - Social Selling?

Best practice steps; how to sell more on social today for the highest R.O.I. - now

The opportunity for small and medium businesses is to capture

Best practises are

With our F series plans, we at Accelerate do it all for and with your business.

Our other series of offers provides a mix of options for supporting your business to sell more on social media whilst your business does some of the work.

The Top Ten Bonuses So You Can Start Selling More

Gain Social Selling And Digital Display Success - Nearly Anywhere In The World.

We take your Social Selling marketing campaigns locally and globally - whatever works for your business.

You could see your social media campaigns on billboards, shopping center's, doctors' waiting rooms, fuel stations and many more locations.

inspirational, engaging content to capture more attention published fresh weekly,

We create your custom - branded content, schedule, publish and measure results on behalf of your business on all of your social media platforms (up to 5).

We create and publish fresh branded content weekly - to maximise the attention of your future customers. You are in control- you authorise publishing in advance.

Unlimited scheduling and publication across all major social media channels

Have you had times when you or your staff have some spare time - wondering what to do next?

Now they can publish additional content alongside our work across any social media channels - unlimited opportunities.

custom-branded videos delivered and published fresh weekly (your brand)

We create video content to capture attention and engagement — inspirational + visual – highly engaging – foot tapping. Custom-branded videos are delivered and posted on your social media channels fresh weekly.

global publishers: elle, entrepreneur, wall st journal and 2000 + published fresh weekly

It's a vicious race - accelerate attention with your future customers, your business must be seen and heard on multiple social media channels daily.

Creating more and more unique and exciting content can be costly.

Our alignment with some of the world's big publishers to share their highly optimised news articles on your social media channels under your brand name ensures maximum attention.

When onboarding, we work with you to ensure we focus on your customer's interests. Let's say you retail furniture - sofas and recliners. We target the best articles from Home magazines and the like. It's simple - we set it all up for you.

Save up to 90% of the costs of social media management now.

The most important key performance indicator in social media management is the total cost for each published post.

Competitors' pricing varies from $440 for one post to less than $50.

We have carried out a complete breakdown of how we save clients up to 90% compared to a competitor – see it here.

try for free for the next 14 days to sell more now.

Connecting your social media channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more - to the Accelerate Social platform is quick.

You will create your login codes to access them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once connected, you can post your created content, schedule, and measure your results daily.

Gain a $500 Sign-on bonus with selected plans.

F-Series pricing delivers the client's ultimate support, strategy and marketing success. Like your business, we want to ensure we can meet your needs - to ensure we can achieve this, we offer an introductory $500 sign-on bonus spread over the first two months of subscriptions - If you book a Zoom meeting and discuss with us your targets - before you sign up.

At the Zoom meeting, we want to understand where your business is at today - its problems, goals and needs. It's simple - we will pay you to discuss how we can best deliver on your KPIs - an excellent deal for you.

Gain your businesses custom, niche, professional, marketing and strategy plan.

Let's go deep to gain and test your business's marketing and strategy plan for all F Series subscriptions now. We will provide our written suggested custom niche plans to get demand generation for your business accelerating to a new higher level today.

Each month we get together via zoom to discuss what works and what's planned for the next few months.

   Professional Marketing Plan

  Professional Social Media Marketing Strategy

   Growth Hacking Cheat Sheet

   Content Marketing Plans

   Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Optimise For continuous improvement

Gain real-time results on what's working and what is not -- competitor insights to improve to sell more. It's simple: log in anytime using your passwords to your account.

Subscription Plans

No Lock In Contracts – Stop and Start Whenever.

accelerate social media management

From $199 Monthly

Our entry point – be seen more with no effort from your business – unlimited scheduling and publishing across all channels with your content.

accelerate social media management

From $499 Monthly

All A Series features plus custom branded (your brand) videos are delivered and published fresh weekly.

accelerate social media management

From $849 Monthly

All V Series features plus more custom branded (your brand) videos are delivered and published daily.

accelerate social media management

From $2,300 Monthly

All S Series features plus a full marketing agency assistance. In short, we provide the highest level of support to your business win more. Regular strategy and implementation meetings include:

Professional Marketing Plan
Professional Social Media Marketing Strategy
Growth Hacking Cheat Sheet
Content Marketing Plans
Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Price Policy – Price policy Our lowest prices policy means that if you find a competitor’s lower price (including GST) on the same offer, we’ll beat it by 10%. To claim, please get in touch with [email protected]