How outsourcing Social Media Management can lift revenue and profits today

How outsourcing or blended outsourcing your businesses Social Media Management saves money, time, and effort and can deliver higher ROI now.


The problem: Everyone is on it (social media channels) – but your business needs to capture more attention and engagement on social media to sell more. Win more revenue by implementing a high-performance social media management plan. 

  • On the proper social media channels where your ideal buyers are (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube, to name just a few)
  • At the correct times of the day and each hour, 
  • Using the right hashtags and keywords, 
  • They are publishing at the correct velocity – low velocity = invisibility.

Social media management is a critical channel of the top ten to fifteen channels the best-performing businesses use to sell more online today. These include email, website chat, phone and many others. 

The big dirty industry secret


The quantity of posts published is critical in capturing more attention, engagement and selling more. 

Businesses cannot succeed on social media channels with a few posts. Invisibility online is not a successful strategy. 

More posts = More attention = higher probability of selling more. 

Find the sum; what is the number of published posts for the month divided by the total financial cost = the cost per published post? 

Typically this varies from $20 a post to over $400 a post. Know your cost to post and drive this number down to lift your overall performance. 


Why outsource social media management today?


  • Fills critical online revenue opportunity gaps,
  • Outsourcing for most businesses is vastly less costly and more productive than having internal employees,
  • They access the market’s most powerful tools and analytics platforms to achieve better results for a business, 
  • Most agencies are faster and better and achieve businesses goals with less fuss, 

Where to start? 


What are the capability gaps stopping your business? 

Often the following is where businesses have gaps that need more support.

  • More skills to develop a better strategy and execute it on time and within the budget envelope, 
  • More capability to develop and create the best content?
  • Lack of knowledge on performance publishing – how to get more attention and engagement with your ideal buyers,  
  • Lack of channel management on a day-to-day and hour-by-hour basis, 
  • Lack of knowledge of the daily tactics to keep interested and attention levels higher, 
  • Lack of knowledge on how social selling methodologies work and their implementation into business, 



In our experience, your business should receive a draft, custom, fully-baked social media strategy at your first meeting with each potential social media management vendor. 

Whilst every element may or may not be accepted, if they were selected, it shows their thinking and capability first up. 

Look for a social media management partner with experience and knowledge of how SSM integrates into a more comprehensive business-wide strategy. That has a technology stack that can give your business a lift over your competitors. 

One example is access to social media campaigns in any industry, any country that captures the highest likes, shares and engagement. Knowing in advance what campaigns go viral hourly, daily and yearly dramatically assists in creating the best-performing social media campaigns that capture more attention and engagement to sell more now. 

Scheduling management


Air traffic controller – the oversight of publishing every post on multiple media platforms daily at the correct times to achieve maximum performance is vital. A further test for your proposed vendor: can they report on the gaps in scheduling times where AI has found high-performance times of the day gaps across multiple platforms? AI assists in lifting higher levels of attention, knowing when and where to post more, and allowing for higher performance scheduling. 



Governance is the control and security of your social media accounts. All posts are within brand guidelines, on message and have approvals before going live. 

The standard minimum is that Social Media Management receives approval from the business before publication. 

Paid social


Organic social media management today is often separate from paid social media. 

Today paid social media is a level of complexity that increasingly is another set of skills and expertise from organic social media management. 

Understand what skills you are looking for in advance. 

Performance: metrics and analytics on demand are vital. 


Develop a reporting regime that works for your business. Reporting should monitor publishing performance, targeting and results. 

Every stakeholder wants to know their borders. 


Creating your borders in advance – what your vendor will and will not do. How will your business integrate, receive reports and approve in advance? 

Who on both sides are the direct liaison people? 

Setting the borders firsts can build an excellent working relationship with them that brings immediate value to your team and your business. 

As budgets tighten – recession beckons, getting more for less expense is the time to evaluate your agency and outsource your revenue optimisation strategies like Social Media Management today.