Want to grow 3 x faster? Deloitte explains how to achieve this today

Did someone say how can we grow revenue and profits faster with the least effort? 

Regardless of the size of your business, country, industry or business stage of life – every business can grow faster when its focus broadens. 

  • Deloitte – grow 3x faster. 
  • Ipsos – across 25 countries 70% of respondents will support your business more. 
  • EY + Harvard report – rapid growth over the previous three years belongs to those businesses.
  • McKinsey – A lack … is the single largest cause of employees resigning.

What do I have to do say, business leaders? 

It’s simple – create value for society. 

By aligning values and purpose and telling a bigger story than just your products and services you can ignite further growth. 

Mastercard – In 2021, all 24,000 employees’ bonuses are driven by their Environmental, Social, and Governance goals. 

These are 

  • carbon neutrality, 
  • financial inclusion and 
  • gender pay parity.

Samsøe Samsøe sews ad-generating QR codes into garments. The Danish fashion brand is adding smart labels that simplify future resales.

When a customer decides to clear that item out of their closet, it more or less sells itself. 

After scanning the code and connecting to a Facebook account, the QR code

  • automatically generates and populates the garment’s details and photos. 
  • The owner only needs to add the condition it’s in 
  • and the price they’re asking.

Creating value for society means you are more likely to attract and retain employees in a tight labour market. A US study by Gartner in 2020 found that an all-time high of 93% of employees believe companies must lead with purpose.

In a world where 77% of consumers worldwide expect brands to show support to people in times of crisis.

Social media and public opinion are firmly heading in one direction – is your business joining the Social Selling Economy? 

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