Mega trends: how the fastest growing businesses influence and sell more today

Megatrends and how to grow faster 

We are moving from meeting and greeting people in person to a social selling world – where you less often meet your clients, customers, and buyers, in person. #socialselling

Where 92% of people actively stop seeing paid advertising. Hullo Netflix, goodbye free to air TV. 

Now it’s possible to influence and sell more without any advertising spending. 

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

Every industry is changing: it is a global phenomenon.

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Now strategic ATTENTION is the ignition point for future growth – it is all about social media. 

  • being seen more, 
  • heard more, 
  • engage more with your ideal potential buyers,
  • and sell more. 

The fastest-growing and most ambitious businesses (regardless of industry type) recognise the opportunity and have developed an unofficial playbook. 

The standard operating procedure is to develop from the business strategy with a go-to-market plan. 

The fastest-growing businesses also develop a go-to community plan. 

Go-to-Market Plan: establishes business plans on what is changing, which are the new areas of focus to acquire more new buyers. For startups, it is critical for success. (more on startups in future newsletters)

Go-to-Community Plan: The fastest-growing businesses or established businesses with new bold growth agendas invest early in community building as the ignition for faster growth. (As an example, Australia’s, recent federal election – the Teal Independents, is a classic case study in community building and the multiplier effect of a strong community)

Community is often one of the differentiators in highly competitive markets. 

It is also how they achieve ATTENTION with their ideal future buyers – who are often community members. 

Nurturing a community of people with educational content like 

  • tutorials, newsletters, talks, and events, creating a content platform that can attract millions of people each month. 

A community plan 

  • Creates value with and for the community,
  • Highly collaborative involves upfront, hands-on work building community, with an organic #socialselling social media strategy – focuses on capturing ATTENTION and engagement to ignite action. 
  • It involves learning about people, and their interests, answering questions and getting a fit between your commercial goals and the people you are attracting to your community – seeking product + community fit. 
  • The community provides a place where people can ask questions, increase their skills, and showcase their knowledge should they be interested in contributing. 

Some examples of community plans are  

Embarking on community building requires budget and specialist people. The steps in building a community are

  • Acquisition 
  • Activation 
  • Retention 
  • Product
  • Referral

The community learns new things, meets new people, and discovers new opportunities within the community and the product itself. 

Those businesses that win have created a compelling value-creation, 

  • Answered WHY their ideal buyers should only buy from their business rather than their competitors,
  • Explain it with a strategic narrative and a strategic pitch, 
  • then revenue will follow,

A platform for building community is – www. whose strategic pitch is – Build relationships not spreadsheets. It is free for startups. 

Tomorrow we will look at some examples of the fastest growing businesses. 

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