How instant groceries delivered faster than voting below the line won more attention

As Australians voted, a Sydney instant grocery startup had a plan to capture the attention of potential new customers – VOLY, who took to Sydney electorates to call out the wild and confusing things that make up our election process. 

Instant Groceries Delivered faster than Voting Below the Line, said one walking billboard. 

The campaign featured 

  • walking billboards, 
  • organic social media and 
  • surprise election sausage deliveries to polling booths across Sydney. 

The moment we start to use traditional paid marketing channels – we are just another grocery company, says Joshua Peacock, Voly Marketing Director. 

We now all live in a Social Selling Economy. 

VOLY customers order via the VOLY app – choose from thousands of grocery and alcohol products all sourced locally and kept in VOLY’s dark stores (micro fulfilment centres). 

  • Delivery is via e-bikes using fully employed riders and staff. 

VOLY delivers groceries and alcohol pretty much faster than anyone, says Voly.

Bondi SLSC sausage sizzle stand is a successful fundraiser for the club – it ran out of sausages. With a tap of the app, VOLY delivered more within 10 minutes. 

New buyer acquisition: – is winning more of your competitor’s customers. 

The heart of the problem – customer acquisition – is understanding why people buy from one business over many others. 

The answer – what we value determines who we buy from – is hard-wired into our brains. 

The world has erupted against Russia. The unnecessary invasion and killing of the people of Ukraine run against our collective values. The world said clearly to Russia – NO. 

Our values differentiate and unite us. 

You wont be friends with someone you do not trust. You will not buy from a business whose values you do not trust first. 

Understanding the core values of your ideal buyers sheds light on how to influence future buyer behaviour. 

To grow your business faster starts with values and purpose. 

Clive Palmer proved in the recent election – spending $200 million and not getting a seat – doesn’t matter how much you spend – if your values are not in alignment – saying it more often – does not change behaviour. 

The Teal candidates in each seat appear to have spent over $1.5 million a seat and won all six seats. 

Start with aligning your values and purpose – it has the best financial return. 

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We deliver more attention, influence and engagement with your perfect buyers so you sell more. 

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