How to win building social communities and social selling within eight seconds?

Let’s start with the average results from the solutions first.

  • Building social communities + social selling results start with engagement: the average lift is 1440x. 
  • 5x ROI: every dollar invested in social selling returns $5 on average 
  • 78% of Social Sellers outsell and influence their peers who do not.
  • 2x lift in demand generation compared to Google paid advertising services. 
  • 3x lift in sales conversions 
  • 3x shorter sales cycle.

What are the problems + solutions?

 It is far more difficult today to build, influence, sell more and scale for 

  • businesses, 
  • peak bodies,
  • media operators, 
  • publishers,
  • franchisors, 
  • organisations, 
  • political parties, 
  • retailers
  • e-commerce 
  • B2B, DTC,
  • recruiters 

Paid advertising: it is no longer possible to win with this alone. 92% of buyers now actively choose not to see any advertising. Do you prefer Netflix over free to air TV?

As a result, many organisations and businesses, big and small, are invisible. 

People no longer want to receive cold 

  • calls, messages, SMS, be targeted,
  • invitations to connect from blatant salespeople
  • sequenced communications that carpet bomb them with ‘important’ offers.

People have now built a digital moat and bull shit detector around them. Our attention span is less than a goldfish. On average, we spend eight seconds – asking ourselves, ‘is this of interest to me or not?

To succeed now is to build more social communities (#socialselling) at a large scale with like-minded people from organic posts across all the top five social media platforms.


  • People want to feel and make connections with you, your team, your business, organisation before they take their wallets out, connect or take any action. 
  • People want to be engaged and educated with solutions from those they see with thought leadership. We call this your WHY. Why should I bother to buy, join, follow rather than any of your competitors?
  • It applies regardless of roles, CEOs, Boards, b2b procurement, everyday consumers, multi-million dollar deals, B2B B2C, – there is no difference today. 

People choose to walk towards your business or organisation or NOT.

How to successfully influence and sell more on social media platforms?

Meet Charlie from the machine learning and artificial intelligence department. 



1) It always starts with the first eight seconds: 

Charlie recognises the natural human progression required to build communities that choose to walk towards your business or organisation. 

It starts with Charlie knowing the most engaging eight seconds on average of the sentences or videos in advance for each of the hashtags you plan to use on each social media platform. 

How it works 

Charlie first reads and transcribes your 

  • videos, 
  • brochures, 
  • catalogues, 
  • pdfs, 
  • speeches, 
  • presentations 
  • websites

He finds the key sentences from your long-form content ( video and written) that will deliver the most engagement and interest within the first eight seconds 0r so for the people reading or viewing relevant to your and their hashtags. 

Often there are ten to thirty new eight-second content ready to post per 1000 words of long-form content.  Which reduces new content generation by up to 80%

Charlie adds the

  • pictures,
  • links to anywhere
  • branding and in the case of
  • video, he edits precisely to match vision and voice for the highest performing most engaging videos
  • all so the organic posts are posted to all of the top five social media platforms – at the right volumes and right times to lift your share of voice.

He can post hundreds of times a day to ensure your share of voice, your business, the organisation stands above the noise from your competitors.

Organic posts on social media platforms –

  • Linkedln,
  • Youtube,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram
  • Twitter and many others are all FREE to post. 

A quick example: #socialselling – 300 posts a day – post once a week or even one a day – it’s invisible. 

Aim to post at 10% to 20% share of voice – 30 to 60 posts every day. 

At this share of voice, it is not spam providing your WHY is valuable. 

Answering your WHY  – from your ideal voters, buyers, community building should answer – why should I bother to buy, join, follow rather than any of your competitors?  Yes, it is very difficult. 

Charlie helps answer for those that need help.

Charlie accesses 900 million social media – WHYS. 

We benchmark the top 1% in your industry from many countries to lift your WHY to a highly valued status. Which can triple your results. 

It’s time to join the Social Selling Economy.

Now We all live in a Social Selling Economy. 

We provide a subscription publishing service that schedules and strategically distributes the most engaging content across all top five social media platforms all day, every day, maximising influence, revenue and market dominance.  All for one low monthly price 

Our prices

We have collated a basket of competitors who provide public price lists with a similar range of services to us from across the world. Our prices are 1/2 the average price from this basket.

Our price guarantee 

If you find a professional competitor’s, lower price (including GST) for the same number of posts + services, we will beat it by 15%.

Click here to learn more and book a 1-on-1 demo 

It’s time to join the Social Selling Economy.

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