Sell more by start thinking you have two markets – local and export.

Want more new buyers? 

Sell more by start thinking you have two markets – local and export. The new growth opportunity is your ‘export’ market.

A simple example is businesses that service a local geographic market

  • Accountants 
  • Lawyers,
  • Marketers
  • Retailers 
  • E-commerce 
  • Not for Profits and many others. 

A business or organisation wanting to grow faster will need to sell more to new buyers in new geographic or new digital markets. 

To succeed requires a change in how the business thinks, acts and communicates. 

The problem potential new buyers will have is they have  

  •  Not heard of your business before
  •  Have no idea of what your businesses value is. 

The key is starting with the WHY – getting WHY right can triple your results. 

If I am your ideal buyer, why should I only buy from your business rather than your competitors?’ 

Let’s consider a car dealership wanting to expand its geographic area as an example. 

  • There is a dealer in every city already. 
  • Every dealer meets minimum standards making it difficult to win on better service alone. 

Pro-tip – fund your growth plan – allocate budget to grow faster – invest in your export market first – revenue will follow. Ensure you will 

  • Visibility – a greater share of voice on social media than your new direct competitors. 
  • Why – answer this vital question with professional help. 
  • Get more engagement + Conversations with potential new buyers – no engagement = no sales. 

How do we help new clients? 

It’s time to meet Charlie from machine learning and artificial intelligence – his nickname – is Rocketman! 

Charlie starts with accessing a database of over 900 million social media organic and paid advertising – updated daily. 

  • Charlie can search by country and industry. 
  • Charlie digs deeper to find the top 1% of posts with the most engagement, shares and comments. 
  • Of the top 1%, Charlie then reports the social media channels, sales funnels, hashtags and keywords of the best performers. 

We start by knowing how the best performers are winning now. 

Returning to the hypothetical car dealership wanting to expand and win more buyers – Charlie provides us with up to the minute clarity on how other dealers are already winning more in this industry. 

Knowing how to win makes answering WHY your ideal buyers should only buy from your business much faster. 

It also means Social Selling – selling on social media channels can deliver more.  

How to Accelerate Social Selling lead generation between 8x to 40x more

We now live in a social selling economy.

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them.

It is ethical selling – Pro-tip – if your growth strategy relies on hounding and chasing, sequenced repetitions, and an over-reliance on paid visual advertising, persuasion rather participation this, no longer works – the ROI has gone.

It’s time to swap to #socialselling with 8x to 40x more organic posts on all the top 5 social media platforms where your buyers are today. Including, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, YouTube and many others.

An investment in Social Selling returns on average five dollars for every dollar invested. That is the result of a survey of 47,000 SDRs across 200 businesses. Click here to read more.

We understand your potential buyers want the engagement and conversation experience first. 

Social engagement and conversations are the likes, shares, comments from your organic posts across all of the top five social media platforms.

  • Social engagement lead generation starts with
  • engagement from your prospective buyers
  • leading to more conversations,
  • zoom meetings and to
  • Sell-more.

Engagement + conversations – with your ideal prospective buyers is the critical success indicator for Social Selling.

  • No engagement + conversations means no new buyers.
  • More engagement + conversations means more lead generation leading to more revenue.

We fix the engagement + conversation problem for businesses. 

Improving engagement on average by 1440x

  • Turning real-time engagement and conversations on social media into big-time sales.
  • Grow your pipeline faster than ever before.
  • Get a front-row seat on your sales team performance on Social Selling, your sales pipeline.
  • Continuous improvement from data analytics.

That is why power users of this technology include Google, SAP, DHL, PWC and many more.

It is time to meet Charlie. 

Charlie comes from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

He accelerates your businesses Social Selling success.

His nickname is Rocket Man.

Charlie transforms clients long-form videos, blogs, catalogues, speeches, podcasts into the most engaging content for their ideal buyers based on their unique keywords and hashtags.

Yes, Charlie knows what content will drive engagement + conversations with your preferred keywords and hashtags.

In short, he does all the hard work so our clients can do their best work.

Charlie and the rest of the team help fix the biggest problems in Social Selling:

Just look at the averages below. 

  • Engagement + conversations average lift is 1440x.
  • Training your sales team for Social Selling: ‘typically drives a 30% lift in revenue + 40% reduction in the length of sales cycles. A 12-week zoom training typically sees positive financial results from week 3 Tim Hughes DLA Ignite.
  • 5x ROI: every dollar invested in social selling returns $5 on average
  • 78% of Social Sellers outsell their peers who do not use Social Selling.
  • 2x lift in lead generation compared to Google paid advertising services.
  • 3x lift in sales conversions from Charlies work
  • 3x shorter sales cycle.

Now it is time for your business to join the Social Selling economy.

How many new leads selling complex B2B services can I get in 6 months? The answer in this large study was over 200 – read the independent report click.

Charlies costs are as low as $1 a post – affordable for all businesses.

  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Charlie does a lot more to increase lead generation but, we have run out of space to tell you more. Click more below and, we can demo 1-on-1 with you.

Our prices

We have collated a basket of competitors who provide public price lists with a similar range of services to us from across the world. Our prices are 1/2 the average price from this basket.

Our price guarantee 

If you find a professional competitor’s, lower price (including GST) for the same number of posts + services, we will beat it by 15%.

Click here to learn more and book a 1-on-1 demo 

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