How to move from low engagement content to Social Selling more – now.


To accelerate a business faster than the market requires determination and knowledge.

We write to help business leaders better make sense of a rapidly changing world.

As businesses move from analogue ( shaking hands) to a 100% digital business ( yes, it’s happening) they, find their ideal new buyers are already buying on social media platforms – it is called #socialselling

Coinciding with a global move from paid advertising (which has reduced ROI) to more organic posts – they are all free. Is, transforming entire industries. 

Take the example of Frances number one online mattress retailer. It’s adopted Social Selling from day one. The result – is it has never paid for any advertising. 

It wins because of its WHY – the value to the new buyer is absolute. No need for persuasion. 

Progressive business leaders see enormous opportunities. 

  • Car dealerships are no longer constrained by geography now sell across Australia. 
  • Accountants can service all of Australia
  • The world is your oyster. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

To win on Social requires a focus on four key steps.

  1. Train your team for Social Selling first | upgrade their skills often. 
  2. Get your strategy right first. We call this understanding WHY. Ask your team – why should your ideal buyers only buy from your business rather than any of your competitors? 
  3. Get your share of voice; a quick example – 300 posts to #socialselling a day. If you post less than five a day, your business is invisible. Post quantities should range between 10 to 20% – if you want to dominate the channel, your posts will be higher than 30% a day. In this case, 90 posts a day plus. 
  4. Get your share of engagement; this is often the toughest. Quick example – a 100 store retailer business- their best performing social media posts (previous year) gained only nine shares | likes. Their competitor got 19,000. 

Getting your WHY right can triple your results.

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Whats engagement? 

Social Selling relies on your ideal buyers seeing and engaging with your content.  

Engagement starts with 

  • likes, 
  • shares, 
  • comments, 
  • requests to Zoom 
  • then Sell more. 

Getting higher engagement is a function of better content and a higher volume of posts. ( Share of voice and engagement)

  • If your business is posting content, brochures, videos that deliver little or no engagement – stop. It’s just spam. 
  • If you are not posting content on social media, your business is invisible and revenue poor. 

Valuable content delivers your WHY – your business thought leadership that adds real value to prospective new buyers. 

Yes, it’s tough to make your WHY work.

To win more with Social Selling requires changing how it thinks, acts and communicates.

We can help your business. Look at these averages. 

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