How to reduce your costs by 50% and increase productivity by 40%

Technology changes make it easier for businesses of all sizes, ages and locations to sell and make more today. 

Gartner recently released its list of Technology Disruptions That Will Impact Sales Through 2027

One was – generative Artificial Intelligence. Gartner defined generative AI.

  • The technology “learns from existing content to generate new, realistic content that reflects the characteristics of the training content – in short, give it your business brand book, existing content and hey presto – your new advertising department is born. 
  • It produces entirely new content -images, videos, text and code- with little input from humans. 

The impacts – every business can increase its efficiency and creativity to market and sell more – at speed with accuracy. 

  • Gartner suggests that at least 10% of [Fortune 500] companies are investing in AI-supported digital content creation. 
  • Gartner predicts that by 2025, 30% of outbound messages from large organisations will be synthetically generated – the significant advantage is speed – the ability to iterate and trial new messages in real-time to find the best-performing offers. 
  • Like all technology impacts before, the impact will be the jobs of entry and mid-level staff in agencies and in-house marketing departments – there is always a role for strategy and leadership – now the teams will be much smaller. 

Over the last week or two – another software release has received outstanding reviews. 

OpenAI released its latest creation – ChatGPT. 

The software mimics human-like conversations based on user questions while searching your online knowledge. 

How does it work?

It answers follow-up questions, admits mistakes, challenges incorrect premises and rejects inappropriate requests. The users are

  • Digital marketing, 
  • Online content creation, 
  • Answering customer service queries and
  • Helping write and debug code.

Some have described the technology as an advanced virtual assistant. Users say it feels like they are talking to someone, but it’s an advanced bot. 

What does this all mean? 

AI research is booming – it rose to nearly AUD$20 billion last year.

Leadership perspective – the three horizons, short, medium and long-term planning, have dramatically changed again. 

What may have been likely in the medium term is now available in the short term. 

Your organisation chart, staffing and productivity output can rapidly change with the help of AI.

What are the blindspots in your business? 

What is your business missing – that your competitors make take advantage of – when you are not looking? 

Now it’s a move from risk management to opportunity and innovation implementation, driving cost to operate down and output upwards – are you ready?