How Sales and Marketing work best to deliver more growth.

Within equal distance of our home are Coles and Woolworths stores. 

  • Woolworth’s floor traffic has significantly declined – over the last few months – it feels loss-making, with staff wandering, looking for something to do to fill in their hours – chronic overstaffing. 
  • Coles has captured most, if not all, of its customers; it is unbelievably busy almost every time you go there. 

Why has Coles won this Woolworths store? Significant market share gains have yet to show up in the national results – so it appears to be store specific. 

Detective David has made it his unofficial duty to be a silent shopper – and capture the potential reasons and report. 

Answer: it’s a culture gap. Woolworths, having lost their customers support – continue to provide ongoing poor customer support towards their remaining customers. They go out of their way not to help. 

The right people matter – the right leadership, matters more. 

Why is this important? 

B2B buyers choose human interaction only for 5% of the customer journey – with many transactions up to $500,000 requiring no human contact – Mckinsey. 

What do B2B buyers want? (McKinsey)

  • 78% want a performance guarantee, 
  • 74% want product availability online,
  • 70% want outcomes-based pricing,  
  • 68% want prices online – without negotiation, 

The gap: has your business reviewed your typical buyer’s journey? 

Could 95%, even 100% of your new potential buyers – find, understand and agree to buy – without human contact? 

Have you reserved your best sales communicators for the remaining 5% of potential buyers? (are you going to retrain your remaining sales team?)

Does your buyer journey solve

  • Your Why?
  • Your strategic pitch and narrative? 
  • Increase your trustability, credibility and purpose. 
  • Have enough hours of content to answer all the questions buyers typically have? 
  • Transparent pricing? 

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Every vertical is crowded with competition, making it challenging to stand out. Your buyers want a 100% digital B2B journey- is your business 100% digital now?

Strategy and tactics  

  • measures to boost brand attention – reports, whitepapers, videos, 
  • engagement, 
  • driving up lead generation, 
  • continuous improvement cycles at all touchpoints, 

The lightbulb moment for many business leaders is consolidating the marketing and sales teams under one leadership role – Revenue Operations. 

Your ideal buyers are virtually 100% digital buying – are you digital selling? 

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