How to grow faster than your competitors

Business leaders want to learn more about the best methods to gain more growth in the fast-moving world of moving to digital and eCommerce. We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

Harvard conducted research on what humans believe we see when we look and engage with digital assets – websites, landing pages, pdfs. 

The surprise – our brains believe when we see a digital asset – it’s human. 

Let that sink in. 

With all of our wonderful innovations of the last hundred years, we are the same people as one hundred thousand years ago.  Technology changes but people stay the same. 

If your website is all products, services and prices – we don’t like it. 

It is not human enough. 

This probably goes a long way to explaining why – 77% of consumers would not care if all of the brands vanished. 

People don’t like advertisements – they want a story first approach to explaining how you can solve their problems. 

It is how for hundreds of thousands of years we have passed information from generation to generation – via storytelling. 

Let’s look at professional services. 

98% of professional services follow a glossy brochure approach when constructing their digital assets. 

  • Business name
  • People with qualifications – photos 
  • Photos of the foyer 
  • Specialities – family law, commercial law etc
  • Maybe some (boring) articles.

What do their potential new clients want? 

They want a human connection first and secondly explain how your business approach will solve their problems better.

  • Few focus on their potential new buyers. 
  • Few focus on social connections – social selling methodology. 

For businesses that sell products – we don’t like just products (photos) and prices.  

Apparently, it is the equivalent of someone rushing around a networking event handing out their card – the only they want to talk about is – buy, buy, buy from me. It’s a big turnoff. 

The single biggest pitfall for most is realising how incredibly difficult it is to build a digital fit business. 

You can have a great website designer – but customers and buyers need to feel a connection, to trust your business before they take their wallets out. 

Add your approach to values and purpose – sustainability, feminism, veganism and hundreds of others. 

The Harvard researchers found that we need to see a likeness, and shared values with websites (digital assets) we plan to buy from.  It’s all about Trust. 

Then the realisation that you won’t ever be able to win growth with paid ads alone. 

Money won’t buy you human-social connections. 

You need your social community to shout out and engage with to actually stand a chance to grow faster than the market. 

The question is How to achieve this with the minimum risk. 

A global study of four hundred thousand businesses across forty-seven countries over ten years provides clarity on how the best businesses achieve more. 

There are five steps – 

Trust Assets – visual, written, content. 

Fast Strategy – start with answering WHY – should your ideal buyers only buy from your business rather than any of your competitors. 

Strategic Narrative – tell it is a story – a strategic story where your ideal buyer is the hero on their journey. (referred to as the Heros story – the best movies and books of all time are built around the same steps)

Strategic Pitch – this is the pointy end of your strategic narrative – a couple of sentences that are on your landing page which convey your WHY. 

Marketing – tell it on Social media – tell your story – be seen, be heard, engage more to influence and sell more. 


This is not a David invention – it’s Apple, Salesforce, and millions of businesses. And has survived the test of time now more than twenty-five years on these same businesses remain using the same steps. 

Remove guesses and replace them with strategy and clarity. 

The biggest opportunity for all businesses and organisations is to focus on differentiation and segmentation – not by demographics but by values and purpose. 

To tell your story that is bigger than just your products and services. 

If social is a huge (global) networking event ( think of a huge hall – with three conference rooms to the sides. 

Your focus is conference room 1. 

Be a thought leader in your industry taking the latest news, and changes, and helping your ideal buyers make better sense of what’s occurring and how your business is at the centre of fixing problems like this.  

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If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. If so please share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

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