How to get better connections with your potential new buyers and sell more

The world’s largest privately-owned business within its vertical wanted to discuss its Australian lack of growth. 


Improving a business’s performance is rarely a single lever approach and a quick fix. 

Businesses are like Boeing Dreamliners. There are hundreds of thousands of linkages before you get to the joystick and throttle in the cabin. Any misalignment can stall the plane and business. 

The challenge now is how to be more human in an increasingly digital-first world. 

When potential buyers want to have a conversation, they have higher expectations of the engagement and its outcomes. 

The question is how to extend human imagination, and insights, with deep connections within the business and customers and clients. 

Even the smallest business owners find the complexity of how to grow faster overwhelming. 

Let alone CEOs, Boards, and Leadership groups of complex businesses. 

Returning to the problems of the largest privately owned business. 

They thought the problem might be 


  • marketing, website, sales decks 
  • they thought they lacked a compelling pitch? 

“It lacks something – what do you think?” 

Over the previous six months, they had three different all team meetings in Australia where they were locked in a room for a day to find their best elevator pitch.  

Management facilitated these meetings because they kept losing tenders and overall growth and market share problems.  

The meetings were terrible – no one wanted to go to a fourth meeting. The previous three meetings were a mix of 

  • ideas and thought bubbles 
  • suggestions about pinching other businesses’ tag lines – it works for them?
  • talkfests with few outcomes and no decisions. 
  • the stress levels were rising throughout the day. 

The client-facing problems  


  • Tenders: – if their price is similar to their competitors – better known local brands would win. 
  • The sales team – had previously worked for their now competitors. Their phone calls to prospective new buyers ( that they knew from their previous employers) went unanswered. 


The potential client wanted a quick fix. 

Let’s focus on getting the elevator pitch right – was the view. Then later move on to the other issues. 

Of course, their gaps were a lack of 

  • TRUST with their potential new buyers, they hadn’t answered the 
  • WHY question – why should I only buy from you rather than any of your competitors. 
  • There was no coherent strategy – strategic narrative 
  • There was no pitch – strategic pitch. 

Their website – where 98% of your potential new buyers test your business credibility was without a coherent offer.

On top, there was an ad hoc approach to social selling – using social media assets to engage with potential buyers. 

They had a silo approach to revenue operations – with marketing and sales not integrated. The sales team seem to act as solo players. 

When you replace – mission and vision statements with a strategic narrative, it powers better recruitment and performance by telling a bigger story than just your products and services.  

What happened? 

Now sometime later – nothing appears to have changed. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy.

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them. 

It is ethical selling – Pro-tip – if your growth strategy relies on hounding and chasing, sequenced repetitions, and an over-reliance on paid visual advertising, persuasion rather participation now, none of these steps work – the ROI has gone.  

The advantages include 

  • Turning real-time engagement and conversations on social media into big-time sales.
  • Grow your pipeline faster than ever before.
  • Get a front-row seat to your sales team’s performance on Social Selling, and your sales pipeline.
  • Continuous improvement from data analytics.

Accelerate provides a monthly subscription social media publishing + strategy service for the implementation, optimisation and reporting ensuring success for businesses to launch and manage their social influence and selling – as either outsourced or support service provider.

  • Accelerates applications – automate recurring social media content generation, editing, publishing, engagement with targeted communities, benchmarking, performance analysis and reporting. 
  • Accelerate sources, edits, research-driven, content from local and global sources to deliver thought leadership, industry news and topical content for your business’s strategic purposes.
  • Accelerate provides both strategy, and execution and saves businesses on average hundreds of hours a month. 
  • No lock-in contracts. 

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Increasing your share of voice and engagement – maximises influence, revenue and market dominance.  

The average results are 

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  • Save hundreds of hours a month 
  • 144x more engagement in the first 120 days 
  • 3x faster sales cycles, 
  • 2x lift in conversions 
  • typically 1/2 the price of our competitors.  
  • 5x ROI: every dollar invested in social selling returns $5 on average – global survey of 47,000 SDRs

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