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B2B Lead Generation and turning leads into revenue is turbocharged when it’s clear how your business’s products and services 

  • make more money for the buyer,
  • save more money for the buyer, 

I recently sat down with a potential client with a fantastic potential side business – (I am calling this Business Y). The potential client’s professional field is

  • Allied health professionals privately own the core business.  
  • The extension into a new market – improving corporate culture and performance – has excellent bones. 
  • With some work, they may have a roaring success, 

The Expectations Mountain

Many leaders underestimate the difficulty of the road to the top of the mountain. This metaphor hopes to capture how people 

  • underestimate the time and effort to break into a market, 
  • the likely cost in time and money to do so, 
  • the number of decisions they will need to make in a short time, 
  • many fail to carry out a risk assessment of likelihood and consequences, 

Many have read or viewed something like these titles how – three steps – lead to millions in sales or how, in 24 hours, I got a billion views. 

Eyes wide open is better than eyes shut. 

The Balanced Growth Scorecard provides a practical, proven framework explaining the importance of increasing revenue as an integrated approach. 

Each of the five pillars is interdependent – focusing on one element might bring an early win, but the early wins will only last for a while.  

The Scorecard framework captures the results of over 400,000 plus businesses across 47 countries over ten years of independent research – how the best grew faster for longer. 



 The Scorecard identifies where to focus your attention.

  • The five growth accelerator framework paints a cohesive picture of the critical elements to improving lead generation, revenue and profits. 
  • It is specific on how what, and where to focus attention and execute to deliver more growth. 
  • The framework and insights allow any small and medium business entrepreneur to learn from and utilise today. 

The Gaps to faster growth

The blockages to faster growth will live in one or a series of these five pillars below. Most businesses underscore out-of-balance on one or many of these pillars. 

Fix the gaps – fixes revenue growth. 


Today after price, trusting a business is your ideal buyers’ most significant decision across all age brackets, countries, income levels and gender – they have to trust before they buy. Gaining your ideal buyers’ trust is the new currency for faster growth. 

Your WHY

Never before have buyers had this much choice – and businesses this many competitors. Your ideal buyers want your business to answer – WHY they should only buy from your business rather than your competitors.

Strategic Narrative and Pitch 

Your ideal buyers want something other than three dot points and a couple of sentences explaining what your business does and how it helps. The best tell a strategic story that, on average, is remembered 22x more with an elevator pitch that captures your buyer’s attention. 

Social Selling 

98% of your ideal buyers are on multiple social media channels day and night. Is your business? 

We now live in a Social Selling economy. Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – this is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business is chasing them. An investment in Social Selling returns, on average, five dollars for every dollar invested. That results from a survey of 47,000 Sales Reps across 200 businesses from multiple countries. See how well your business scores in winning more buyers. 

Strategic Marketing

Which marketing channels to use to win more growth is a key accelerator. Be strategic to win more and spend less. Stop the waste and focus on return on investment. 

Do you want to understand your business’s sales and marketing gaps? The imbalances that are making it more difficult, not easier, to grow? 

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