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Winning businesses approach lead generation – new revenue growth – with a realistic assessment – it’s not three quick changes, adding some magic software, or changing a picture – it is a system-wide approach that re-balances a business – how it acts and communicates to win more revenue. 

Landing Pages vs Websites 

Websites are the pack horse – they hold your address, legal entity status, what you do, and how to find your newsletters, products and services.

For landing pages, their one job is to convert as many ideal buyers as possible. It’s either convert or leave.

Many businesses operate five to fifty landing pages – for each segment of their business. Large insurance companies often have up to 700 landing pages. 

Landing Page Improvement checklist 

  1. The Headline

The headline is vital – test it before use. The correct headline can inspire your ideal buyers to stay on your page and think about your offer rather than leave.

The headline must convey

  • Clarity 
  • Relevance


Get to the point quickly. Add value to the potential buyer – time is money – does it convey value? 


Keep the promise. 

The best-performing landing pages have subheadlines, which reinforce the claim made in the primary headline.

2. Copywriting

Copywriting communicates your message and influences your ideal buyers to convert using logic and sequenced messages. People do not want to be – sold to – but explained without wasting a word.

 It must explain why, how and what makes a difference for them. 

Writing style:

Copywriting must be customer oriented will help it speak to your visitors directly – if it’s for professional services, then speak as they might. Tradies match their speaking style. 

Explain Your WHY – what differentiates your business – explain it and the benefits. 

3. Engagement 

Test and plan every 8 seconds. Global attention spans have collapsed to 8 seconds. You have to make the point why it’s essential to read on. Using different media may help – depending on your ideal buyers.  

Three main types of media,

  • Images
  • Videos


Images on landing pages should be more than just eye-catching – they draw attention and aid conversions.


Videos on landing pages are even more effective than images. Research shows that:

  • 96% of customers find videos helpful when making online buying decisions
  • 58% of those consumers consider brands that produce videos more trustworthy than those without
  • The average visit to a web page containing a video lasts almost 6 minutes, while the average visit to a site with just text and images lasts only 43 seconds. 

4. Trust 

To convert more buyers, they must trust – first. 

Trust indicators on landing pages typically focus on 

  • Statistical evidence,
  • Customer testimonials,
  • Media and social proof,
  • Privacy policy,

5. Call to Action

The location on the landing page – how often and where the Call to Action is on the page – impacts conversions. 

  • The CTA must be more noticeable than the others.
  • Position – You risk losing conversions if your CTA button is positioned too early on the page. It will convert if the CTA is after you’ve introduced and described the offer. 
  • Size – do not keep your CTA a secret by making it too small. 
  • Colour – the CTA button must stand out from the rest of the page – red is often the preferred colour. 
  • CTA Button Copy – Stay away from bland, vague, and overused copy like “Submit”, “Subscribe”, “Sign up”, or “Download”.

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