How Apple smashed their competitors in one move – learn more

The fundamental difference between high-growth businesses is their ability to consistently  

  • Add new valuable products and services, 
  • Business models to market faster,

 It ensures a steady stream of profitable new growth – year after year.

It is a hallmark of Apple’s global success. 

Their three-step approach. 

  1. Take core products and services and make them better.
  2. Use insights from others and incorporate them into your business. 
  3. Verify that your market will benefit from the new products and services.

Apple – has added a fourth approach – where you have market power – apply it. 

The recent changes to privacy legislation worldwide and Apple’s changes to its IOS advertising privacy – allowing Apple users to block advertising- have had a profound impact. 

This strategic move by Apple maybe it’s the most important. 

The impacts of Apple privacy changes have been to 

– Reduce Meta’s advertising income from Facebook and Instagram by an estimated 30%,

– Lifted buyer trust in Apple – as a brand that cares deeply about people’s privacy,

– Significantly lifted Apple’s current and future advertising business income, 

The financial benefits for Apple are significant,

  • It achieved 60% of the previous year’s first-half profits within the first seven weeks in 2021, 
  • Apple’s advertising business is likely to achieve $9 billion in revenue next year – an increase from $500 million achieved in 2019

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