How to improve your lead generation – your 8 step checklist to sell more

They live near you, in your house, car, and phone. 

They know your deepest desires – you speak to them often.

Edison Research says they are your voice assistants – Siri, Alexa and many other brands now, more than half of U.S. adults have one. 

Brands are catching on – how can they include their offers within Siri and Alexa answers? 

  • Voice medium presents opportunities for personalisation,
  • Voice is the second-most informative data source,

But privacy legislation upgrades worldwide, IOS privacy opt-ins – have slowed a global rollout. 

The goal – Siri, where is the nearest clothes store – John, currently, there are four stores nearby. One of these is Brand A which has a sale of 50% off – would you like the directions now?

 Every business worldwide has one primary issue – more lead generation.  

I put together a helpful lead generation checklist. 

1) Setting realistic expectations

If you want 400 leads a week, you must match your budget, geographic regions, and channels,

2) Potential buyer profiles

The wrong audience is a primary reason why even the most carefully thought-out lead generation fails.

 3) Data and evidence-based approach –

predictable results within a sensitivity range should be the norm. 

4) Build your data and evidence from at least these three data types

  1. Market data – general habits and characteristics of individual buyers and markets, 
  2. Prospect data – create personalised campaigns,
  3. Feedback data – monitoring data on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

5) Misalignment Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing must work as one – not individual silos. It is becoming more common for a leadership role of Revenue Operations, with both sales and marketing reporting to this leadership. 

6) Using only One Medium or the Wrong Ones

Buyers are not exclusively on one platform – nor should your campaigns miss channels. 

You can start lead generation via email, nurture via LinkedIn, retarget via Facebook, support a wide range of organic social channels and use sales discovery calls to drive conversions.

Properly plan what channels you should use, and don’t stick to one, no matter how tempting.

7) Buyer’s Journey Hasn’t Been Mapped Out

Map your potential buyer’s journey in advance of the campaign starting. 

8 ) Is Your Offer Compelling?

 Has a competitor gap analysis been carried out? What gaps are there – can your pitch and strategic narrative be improved to lift conversions? 

We accelerate communities of PASSIONATE NEW BUYERS by fuelling and facilitating their insatiable hunger for authentic content and conversations – so your business captures enormous attention and engagement – influence and sell more.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more organic attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They are seen and heard more,  
  • Engage more with their ideal buyers,
  • Influence and Sell More. 

Our business reflects the human truth: we are a social and human-first digital agency built on strategic narrative and pitch across platforms.

We accelerate powerful buyer insights gained through micro-content that ultimately influences actual business results. 

Your ideal buyer truth is our lifeblood – we are loyal to it, defend it and accelerate it.

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. 

It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. If so, please, share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

Thanks for reading,