How radical – empowerment of employees, full transparency, fairness, saves more.

Businesses have a history of command and control organisational design. 

Those senior direct those junior on how to complete their tasks – review and improve. 

This is a story of how radical –

  • empowerment of employees, 
  • full transparency, 
  • fairness, 
  • democratic principles and shared responsibility transformed a business and built a cult following among consultants on how to improve failing businesses. 

Koldo Saratoga joined the Spanish luxury coach manufacturer Irizar as CEO in 1991 when the company was bankrupt – 14 years later, revenue grew from €24 million to €310 million.

How did Koldo transform the business into a high-performing business in eight steps?

#1 Self-Managing Teams 

Eliminate hierarchy and top-down management or decision-making. 

  • Redesign the organisation into a network of teams organised around products, services, regions, clients, or processes – the teams own the output. 
  • The teams must be self-managing – no executives tell them what to do. 
  • Every six months, every team elects a team leader who represents the team in cross-team meetings that align plans & objectives across the company. 
  • A team representative or leader is typically only allowed to serve for a maximum of two years to avoid any “boss-like” behaviour.


#2 Shared Purpose & Values

  •  The purpose is the overarching, joint project across the network of self-managing teams.


#3 Yearly Plan of Ideas & Objectives

  • Each year the entire company works on and agrees on a strategic plan for the year.
  • The objectives are reviewed three times a year with the entire staff – all teams are accountable to all staff. 


#4 Radical Transparency

  • Radical trust building and responsibility.
  • The company financials, salary levels, team commitments and results are fully transparent and accessible to everyone in the organisation. 

#5 Fair Salaries, Ownership & No Privileges

  • The first action – is to lower the gap in salary levels. The highest earning 10% can earn no more than 2-3 times the salary of the lowest 10%. 
  • Lower salaries are increased to adhere to the rule.
  • Then, employees are also provided with a financial stake in the outcome, meaning that 30% of additional profits are spread among all workers.
  • Lastly, all privileges, such as closed offices, bonuses, paid overtime, and special access to information, are eliminated.


#6 Control Turns Into Decentralised Trust

  • There is no company-wide time clocking.
  •  No individual performance reviews. 
  • Each team is responsible for its own team members, culture, and work objectives. 
  • The company becomes a network of small, semi-independent communities. 


#7 Integrative Decision-Making Process

How are important decisions made and conflicts of interest resolved? Through a democratic, six-step process coordinated by the team leader

  1. Proposal: A team member who wants to discuss a specific challenge, idea, or topic submits a proposal to the team.
  2. Questions: team members have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.
  3. Reactions: Team members can then, one by one, share their reactions to the proposal. 
  4. Amend & Clarify: The initiator may respond to comments by others and use these to improve the proposal.
  5. Objections: Now, every team member can share any objections regarding the proposal. 
  6. Integration: In case of objections, the facilitator discusses between team members to make adjustments to the proposal that resolve any objections. Proposals are only adopted when all team members approve the proposal.

#8 Fully Inclusive

  • Team members are asked to share their comments and ideas in meetings and decision-making. 
  • No one speaks over them.
  • And at any time, any person can submit a new proposal to a team with all proposals having to be discussed.  

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