84% growth over the last 83 days: How the growth framework achieves more

This series of newsletters has been exploring the successes of early startup businesses. 

From people wanting additional income on the side to corporate strategists – the hunt for innovation to grow faster is always on.

Take these three early startups – they fix a gap within their markets. 

How do they achieve this? 

Step 1  With a website, a clear pitch and narrative, ensuring you capture enough organic attention and engagement on social media – lift off. 

Step 2  Increasing social media organic ATTENTION – maximise influence, revenue and market dominance.  

Step 3  Now – Influence and Sell more without any advertising budget. 

We now live in a Social Selling economy. Every industry is changing: it is a global phenomenon. Opportunities abound everywhere. 

Take these three startups – all have zero paid advertising budgets, 

  • Find the best content writing jobs +84% growth over the last 83 days – $4199 monthly revenue – www.contentwritingjobs.com 
  • Local Listing directory and reputation management $7457 monthly revenue – with growth over 70% in the last 23 days – www.direction.com/local 
  • Productised video services – monthly revenue $3,420 – www.patchbaymedia.com 

The value for readers in understanding the frameworks that successful online businesses apply – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

Of course, there are many failures – but the vast majority failed to find market gaps, exploit and grow organic attention and engagement at speed on social media to get lift-off. 

Take www. gini.co – Financial planning and growth platform for Founders. 

It is a CFO and accounting support for startups – The only software and advisory platform built to help small businesses and startups know their numbers and take control of their growth in any economic environment. 




  • Organic multi-platform users. 

Search Ads

  • 0 paid advertising

Top Organic Keywords

  • mrr 
  • 83 difficulty, 26 organic clicks, rank: 84
  • gini 
  • 97 difficulty, 26 organic clicks, rank: 42
  • arpu 
  • 82 difficulty, 20 organic clicks, rank: 76

gini Top SEO Pages

Their strategic pitch – You know the business. We know the numbers.

Sub pitch – Too busy for finance? 

Automate it

You’ll sync your Xero and Quickbooks directly to our pre-built models

You’ll never copy-paste data into your reports again when they automatically sync with your accounting software

Work with your raw data and Xero or Quickbooks reports directly in Google Sheets to build your own models that auto sync daily, weekly, or monthly

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more organic attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They get more attention first 
  • Next More engagement 
  • Influence and Sell More. 

ACCELERATE DELIVERS MORE – 100x more organic ATTENTION + ENGAGEMENT – FASTER to Influence and Sell more within 100 days on average. 


  • paid advertising,  
  • lots of content generation, 
  • and without doing a lot of outreach #socialselling, 

Get our new quick-video case study of how we delivered 500x more attention in under 120 days – with real people. 

ACCELERATE – provides a monthly subscription social media publishing + strategy service. 

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. 

It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. If so, please, share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

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