How to grow faster like the best businesses in the world.

Your business wants more NEW

  • buyers, 
  • partners, 
  • better staff, 
  • better trading terms, 
  • more suppliers
  • more customers, 
  • more visitors
  • more growth.

The foundation to achieve this is to focus on 

  • Trust Assets
  • Answer the WHY question, 
  • Strategic Narrative 
  • Strategic Pitch
  • Organic Social Media 

The outcome of this work is it better differentiate and reposition your business for more growth. 

One element that accelerates the performance is the recognition we are all values-driven.  

Segmentation by demographics pales into insignificance when compared to ValueGraphics. 

‘For the first time in history, we have a map of what everyone truly values’ says David Allison of 

ValueGraphics in Canada.

  • The Valuegraphics Database – half-million surveys from around the world in 152 languages.
  • The first global map of what people value, want, need, and expect from life. 
  • Metrics include 56 core human values like belonging, friendship, money, authority, personal growth, and family.



Our values motivate us. 

How we vote, who we buy from, who our friends are. 

Nobody acts their age anymore, and other demographic stereotypes are equally outdated. 

David says, “It’s never been more important – at this moment in history – to embrace the things we have in common, the things that make us human” 

How does this work?

The following report on – the values of buyers of luxury automotive consumers explains the – how. 

“Now we can see things like WHAT DRIVES LUXURY CAR PURCHASES in, for example, the EU vs. the USA. 

In the EU, luxury shoppers are magnetically drawn to anything that helps them be a better version of themselves (Personal Growth). 

In the USA, the urge to fit in is more powerful. (Belonging). 

In the USA, “The Best-Selling Luxury Sedan” means you BELONG to a big gang who have propelled this sales story” says David. 

An understanding of the values of your business (your purpose) along with those of your ideal new buyers) builds a better bridge between your business and them that can have powerful growth impacts. 

A customer of Airbnb reached out asking: them how she could donate free rooms for those in disasters. 

Airbnb’s purpose – is ‘to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, including those displaced by the crisis.

Airbnb swung into action and now have a crisis framework, 

  • Stick to your purpose when it hits the fan
  • Use your products, platforms and resources for setting up disaster support services. Airbnb has hosts with houses across the world. It only took a few changes to set up a new system that offers hosts to provide their homes for free.

Partner with organizations that have the expertise. 

  • Partner with local governments 
  • international refugee and 
  • disaster relief organizations and other 
  • non-profits that know how best to use and integrate disaster response services.

Ultimately, this is about building a purpose-driven business for a crisis-prone world. 

I bet if you are a distributor of women’s hygiene products (and you would like to have more distributors) your phone call to those CEOS (who you are yet to distribute) is more successful when they know you have a countrywide solution for a crisis.

Aligning around Values – is the fundamental disruption of our time: we can now predict and influence what people will do next.

We now live in a social selling economy is it time for your business to join?

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Immediate results. 

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic and if so please share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

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