Why Nike is stopping wholesale and how it impacts many businesses today

Every business model is under threat. 

  • Professional Services, 
  • Buying groups and Franchise,
  • Medical,
  • Retail, Distribution

Digital is transforming every industry. 

NIKE informed its largest retailers that it is winding down its wholesale operation – no more Nike products starting – soon. 

Retailer CEOs will have had heart attacks as they receive the news that the world’s number one sports brand no longer wants or needs them. 

Why are Nike and many other brands going direct to consumers (DTC)? 

It’s about control and more profitability  

  • brand experience,
  • customer relationship,
  • efficiency – direct messaging of organic social media, 
  • more margin and profits,  

Covid lockdowns were the trigger and wider profit margins—the long-term benefit. 

Digital-native businesses like Warby Parker, Allbirds, Casper and millions of others prove the DTC model works.

How to prepare – and protect your business, 

Step one – define the problems that have a significant impact on growth. Find the root causes. 

Step two – work your way backwards – is it an external team? – an internal or a mixed team? – to deliver change fast and effectively?

Step three – find the budget – to fix, find and deliver growth. 

Step four – build a simple model to identify the most impactful levers around acquisition, retention, engagement and monetisation. Prioritise the steps.

Step five – develop marketing experiments to test and inform likely real-world outcomes.

Step six – find one single problem that could help drive significant growth – begin here. 

Step seven – its evolution, not a revolution – Respect the culture and principles that made the company successful. 

Step eight – seek quick wins, expect the team will fail early and maybe often. 

Step nine – value and communicate the wins

Step ten – name the team (s) by the problems they are solving.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They get more attention first
  • Next More engagement
  • Influence and Sell More.



  • paid advertising,
  • lots of content generation,
  • and without doing a lot of outreach #socialselling,

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