What 81% of buyers care deeply about. Does your business care?

The Bank of England and the Royal Mint are building a plant to turn electronic waste into gold.

The volume of global electronic waste is surging, yet less than 20% is currently recycled

 The Royal Mint will be extracting gold from discarded laptops and mobile phones. From 2023 the plant will recover over 99% of the precious metals found in circuit boards.

As Sean Millard, Chief Growth Officer at The Royal Mint, explains: “When fully operational our plant will be the first of its kind in the world — processing tons of electronic waste each week, and providing a new source of high quality gold direct to The Royal Mint.”

The mantra, 

  • Good for the planet 
  • Good for the future is one that will resonate more and more. 

Your potential new buyers, customers, and clients are very interested in your business’s stance. 

If your business wants to sell more – it first has to gain more trust from potential new buyers – they want a comprehensive approach to mitigating damage to the planet.

Attest, a global research team found (94%) of Americans believe that climate change is happening now, with just 6% feeling it is not occurring.

  • 65% say they are interested in the issue of sustainability. A 3x lift over the previous 12 months.
  • 62% have changed their diets over the last 12 months reducing meat consumption compared to the previous 12 months. 
  • 81% say it is – important that a company operates and acts in a way that is environmentally friendly.
  • 51.5% state that it is – “very important” to them.
  • 70% care about the impact of manufacturing cheap throwaway products.

Regardless of industry, country, or sector, a rapid escalation and awareness of climate change have arrived.

As businesses turn their minds to their purpose and values – customers are ahead of the curve, they are already boycotting – bad for the planet and people’s products and services. 

Your new potential buyers care deeply about your business’s purpose and values. They research to verify claims made. 

It is all about TRUST. 

If your business has little interest in saving the planet, they have little interest in buying. 

62.5% said they would stop buying from a brand guilty of greenwashing. 

  • 95% would like to see more vegan-verified fashion options.
  • 74% said they are willing to pay more for the non-animal-based alternatives.
  • 80% – it’s important – for retailers to offer money-saving deals on sustainable products.

These are tier one strategic issues for boards, audit and risk committees, and leadership of all business sizes. 

Check out these sustainability startups

  • Hirestreet is the UK’s leading Fashion Rental Platform that makes style and sustainability accessible for all women.
  • Yoppie makes menstrual care convenient, and menstrual symptoms easier to manage.
  • Egglife Foods is reimagining the future of food by harnessing the power of eggs to transform traditionally flour-based foods.
  • Whirli is a sharing economy for parents to borrow children’s toys.
  • Better Nature is all about tempeh: a naturally nutritious and delicious plant-based food from Indonesia.

81% say it’s important that the brands they buy from have a positive impact on the environment. 

What is your strategy? 

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

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