The top 5 products and services in demand by your competitors to win your market share today.

How revenue operations – marketing departments improve their productivity with automation and AI technology now. 


Marketing teams principally utilise AI for Creativity, Image direction and Iteration. Statista, research shows that over 80% of digital marketers already use AI – it is an integral part of the day-to-day for higher-performing marketing teams.

  • Creativity:  AI assists in forming different and new angles and ideas or concepts for marketing campaigns – it is like having a personal assistant that keeps prompting with new ideas and angles at speed. 
  • Image direction can take hours sifting through an endless sea of stock imagery to find the right style and direction for the campaign – Dall-E2, MidJourney, and Stable and Diffusion all deliver AI performance – saving time and money. 
  • Iteration – testing and learning which marketing assets will convert the best – often simple layout, colour, and copy changes can make a meaningful difference. AI makes changes faster with tools like ChatGPT and Copy. AI.

Creativity Performance: sometimes, the searches yield little value, and sometimes it’s just the spark needed. 

How efficient is your current marketing agency’s support? 


Social Media Management agencies for businesses fill critical online revenue opportunity gaps for their clients. 

Hiring an agency for most businesses is vastly less costly than having internal employees—the capacity to quickly add critical expertise and strategy to support your business is an attractive proposition for many. 

A survey conducted by SproutSocial of 228 marketing | and social media agencies found the following. 

  • 33% of agencies had 5-10 social media clients, 
  • 28% of agencies had 1-5 social media clients, 
  • 24% had 10 to 20 clients, 
  • 15% had more than 20 clients,

The top 5 products and services in demand by clients are


  1. Strategy,
  2. Content creation and development, 
  3. Social Media Management – targeting and publishing organic posts, 
  4. Paid social media, 
  5. Social media reporting analytics 

How to copy high-performing businesses’ successes


Reposting Between Twitter & LinkedIn


The three primary B2B social media networks are Twitter, Linkedln and YouTube. The aim is to find which social media platforms will take off and grow fastest for your business. It is a multi-channel play – each social media platform will outperform a multi-platform approach. 

The key is to find a manageable number of options. If your business has an agency or internal team, the odds improve. 

Reposting is not a cut and paste – but altered to fit the content direction for each platform. 

If you try managing multiple platforms simultaneously on your own, you’ll likely burn out and end up with NO growth. 

Accelerating ideal potential buyer attention and engagement is a book on its own. These are some summary points to get your creative juices flowing – 

Test Out Giveaways


Giveaways in return for a call-to-action response or email capture are critical today. Most businesses have high-value content.  

  • It could be a free workshop, 
  • Physical products – books, 
  • Digital products – E-books,
  • Checklists
  • Templates and business frameworks, 
  • PDFs,
  • there are many options, 

The giveaway must be high value for your ideal potential buyers. 


It is vital to create campaigns every quarter and over each year. 

Campaigns drive more traffic and revenue – they are generally time specific. 

Think of a retailer – they will have a range of campaigns – Black Friday sale, Boxing Day sale, Save up to XY% for ten days only. 

Whatever your business type – professional services included – campaigns for your industry type are a vital stimulant to increasing demand and revenue. 

Does your business have a range of proven campaigns? 


Tie your campaigns and lead generation together 

  • Each newsletter has lead generation and or campaign offers, 
  • Your YouTube videos link to your lead magnet,
  • Every Tweet thread ends with a link to the lead magnet or current campaign offer, 
  • LinkedIn posts link to lead magnet and campaign offer, 

It’s a marketing fly-wheel – seen everywhere – be heard more and now sell more. 

How is your business going with strategy, creativity, revenue growth and lifting performance? 

What are your best-performing channels and campaigns?