The proven playbook on how to break through the digital wall and sell more online – now

Social Media is a drug.

Addiction is the buzz from change – what did I miss? 

Social media platforms are scrapping all of the digital parts of you and selling them to the highest bidder – primarily to advertisers. 


  • Your data – from everywhere, 
  • Manipulating (optimising) your newsfeed to gain more attention and engagement from you, 
  • Polarising content – fear and anger gets higher levels of attention and engagement than selling more hope and opportunity, 
  • Product placements into your feed are there because of your previous dwell time on a product page or previous clicks – hoping to help interest you in similar products and services. 

The one single goal that matters to social media platforms – you spend as much of your time in their social media virtual worlds instead of the real world. 


You are the product when you are not paying for platform access.

Fortunately or not – billions of us are addicted or at least high-level social media users. 

In Silicon Valley, they used to sell products; now, they sell users and monopolise digital attention and engagement. 

If you sell products and services under $50,000, 78% of buyers – no longer want a human face-to-face in the selling process – Gartner. 

Collectively we only want to buy in a digital-only world.

The question is – is your business correctly selling in a digital-only world? 


  • Professional services, 
  • Retail – online revenue hit one trillion dollars for the first time, 
  • B2B – these are some of the impacted businesses. 

What is the best method to build high-growth, sustainable, profitable businesses in a digital-only world? 


Every business, from startups to enterprises, gets stuck in solving the digital distribution problem when moving from real-world to digital-world selling. 

The digital distribution wall problem. 


A business must break through the digital distribution wall to grow faster. The digital wall – stops or slows, capturing enough attention and engagement with ideal future buyers to sell more – growth is a trickle. 

The winning playbook

  • Play offence (not defence) to build faster revenue growth – go big on digital – fast. 
  • Outsourced team of business builders, 
  • Aim to hit escape velocity fast – get over the digital wall with maximum force in the shortest time – then remain more visible, engaging, trusted, credible and authoritative – it’s a bit like poll vaulting – get to the other side of the digital wall through significant targeted digital attention – then remain leaders, 
  • Breakout digital revenue growth follows the breakout from the digital distribution wall.
  • It is often a ten to fifteen-plus channel approach, including paid advertising, organic social media and public relations – it is a pincer movement to achieve a breakthrough. 

Pulling all of these levers at once makes breakthroughs easier. 

Public Relations: global, national news media stories drawing significant attention and engagement, bringing the brand equity of news media (and their readers and viewers) to the business – significantly elevating their credibility, authority and trustability along with hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of views. 

Organic Social Media: Being seen and heard to social sell more is the rule. The velocity of organic posts and a mix of mediums – video, blogs, entertainment, and a bigger purpose – delivers more attention and engagement. 

Paid Advertising: Channel and message optimisation. 

The Business Principles 

  • Maximise digital wall breakthrough without spending too much money, saving time and stress by using proven best practices that use common sense-tested approaches to lift attention and engagement along with revenue and profitability. 
  • The work is an ongoing and never-ending continuous improvement process – we live in a competitive world.
  • The focus is on achieving a new level of performance sooner. 

Your effectiveness outcomes mean: 

  1. Generate as many digital high-quality leads as possible,
  2. Increase return on every dollar spent, 
  3. Improve your customer’s experience,
  4. Lift revenue and financial performance, 

The aim is to

Make Your Demand Generation Impossible To Fail: 

  • Every business leader wants more revenue and profits – sooner, 
  • Along with a more sustainable, repeatable and scaleable proven approach to winning more buyers,
  • The first job transitioning from physical to digital selling is to break through the digital wall. 

If this resonates with your business – let’s have a virtual digital coffee. 

Market changes


  • Few investments are considered more reliable than New York City real estate. 
  • New data reveals a -26% plunge in Q4 sales— even this market isn’t immune to covid and economic turmoil. 
  • However, New York contemporary art sales totalled $2.3 billion in one week—a record—and prices climbed +16.5%.