Googles revenue is down Amazon is up: How to sell more and make more now

Google’s parent company, Alphabet: announced its Q4 earnings – their first decrease in ad revenue for the second time in the company’s history. (the first was covid induced).

Amazon’s Q4 earnings: advertising revenue jumped 19% year over year – now $11.56 billion.

Digital paid advertising: – connecting with potential new buyers is increasingly a more complex and rapidly changing field: it’s time to adapt to stay ahead of the curve – your checklist. 

If your business has a strategy focused on giving away a free e-book to collect contact details – it will no longer have an impact.

Proven best practices in advanced demand generation include


=> Start a community,

=> Launch a podcast, video channel, video series, 

=> Run a weekly live event and, or live stream shopping events,

=> Build a newsletter,

=> Create a – how-to – training program for your products and services, 

=> Invest in unique content that drives improved SEO results, 

=> Organic social media campaigns – #socialselling 

=> Post on LinkedIn and Twitter – for businesses.

=> Focus on your website buyer experience,

=> Be creative – differentiate and deliver for a segment – niche in your market, 

=> Focus on growing your business’s digital trustability, credibility and authority,

=> Find your WHY – answer the critical question your ideal future buyers have – why should I only buy from your business rather than from any of your competitors? 

=>Tell your story – every high-value transaction – consumer or business now has multiple stakeholders – unite them in a more prominent cause – a bigger purpose than just your product and services. 

=>Integrate social selling methodologies into your business – there is a right and wrong way to sell more online. 

=> Few businesses or consumers want to deal with a human face-to-face in the buying process ( up to $50,000) – is your business set up for how your clients want to buy?

More Demand Generation Opportunities 


Behavioural advertising: is a branch of digital advertising that relies on a user’s online behaviour, browsing history and search queries to deliver relevant advertising—the business’s advantage – higher likelihood the advertising will be clicked on and converted into their sales funnel. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques will make targeting more accurate and efficient – lowering the (CTA) cost to acquire more potential buyers. 

Advantages: engage with potential buyers personally with tailored messaging. 

Voice command.


With the rise of voice-enabled devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apples Siri, and Google Home – expect to see an increase in voice-enabled advertising. Voice-enabled search ads and more interactive ads allow users to engage with them when using their voice.

Your Product and Services. 


  • 51.2% of surveyed businesses said they launch 2-4 new products and services quarterly. 
  1. Is your business creating space for campaigns before price rises?
  2. Is your business actively updating and improving its services and products every 90 days? 
  • For the typical launch of new products and services, the budget – 58.3% of respondents fell into the $0 – $20,000 bracket. The balance was much higher budgets. 
  • Just under half of the respondents (47.6%) said their business under-invests in new Product and Service launches. 
  • 70% of respondent businesses said launches have either a “notable” or “major” impact on revenue growth.
  • The biggest issue – 61.9% of respondents identified a need for a cohesive strategic narrative to support their new releases.