Lead Generation: How to lift discoverability, improve differentiation and trustability – your checklist

Every seller wants to be 

  • seen more,
  • heard more, 
  • engage with more ideal buyers, 
  • influence and sell more, 


Yet, for most businesses across all industries and locations, 98% of their ideal buyers do not know them.

The next hurdle is, do your ideal buyers – Trust- your business enough to buy from it? 


What are the main blockages of discoverability? 

1) Organic social media posts – low content velocity. The myth that posting one or two daily posts will get your business more attention is wrong. Capturing more attention and engagement requires a high content velocity approach. One or many more an hour on some social media channels is more likely to win more buyers. 

Marketingcharts.com reports the following results in a recent update. 

  • (95%) use multiple social media platforms organically to distribute content, 
  • The most common way to differentiate from their competitors is to produce better quality content (cited by 83% of respondents)
  • Differentiate further by covering topics/stories that our competitors aren’t covering (cited by 72% of respondents)

The critical questions that follow for any business leader are 

  1. Does your business have a proven high-content velocity approach to organic social media posts? 
  2. Is your business across multiple social media channels where your ideal buyers are – hourly, daily? 
  3. Does your business apply a proven social selling methodology to improve its attention, engagement and social selling outcomes? 
  4. Has your business strategically differentiated your business from its competitors? 
  5. Is your business producing better content of value to your ideal buyers? ( more content without insights and value is just noise)


What are the main blockages to being – Trusted -more? 

Your business’s most urgent and profitable focus is increasing Trust with your ideal buyers. 

Big brands have an unfair advantage: they are known better and trusted. 

Startups and small and medium businesses start with a trust gap – your ideal buyers ask themselves – do I trust this business to buy from them? 

People, by their very nature, value trust, purpose, and integrity highly; it is fundamental to everything we do. 

  • You cannot be friends with someone you don’t trust.
  • You will only buy from a business you trust – first.

At Salesforce, Adam Dant says their number one value is – Trust. He says, “Salesforce reflects and inspires Trust through its infrastructure, data security, and product experience. Much thought goes into conveying Trust – visually, verbally, and experientially to prospective buyers.” 

Your ideal buyers say – If you want to change who I buy from – first accelerate how you build Trust with me. 

Today, the most significant decision your ideal buyers face after price, across all age brackets, countries, income levels, and gender is Trust. Do I trust this business? 


Trust is the basic unit that enables us to interact and transact without fear and loss.


Trust is the key to the door of your ideal buyer’s mind – how do you improve Trust rapidly with potential buyers? 

The critical questions for business leaders are 

  1. Have you carried out an independent review of your digital trust assets? Do your landing pages, and websites convey maximum Trust when people land on your website? 
  2. Does your business apply a PR approach to gaining more Trust by leveraging news media reporting?
  3. More Trust falls from improving how your business thinks, acts and communicates across all digital channels – have you audited to verify that your business is building more Trust?
  4. Is it saying the right things at the correct times, in the right way, that your ideal future buyers and potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them? 
  5. Does your business focus on increasing and measuring engagement with potential buyers? Falling engagement may indicate falling trustability. A multi-pronged approach to high content velocity and engagement is a must – is this occurring? 

Has your business applied much thought to conveying Trust – visually, verbally, and experientially to prospective buyers – like Salesforce?

Trust is a critical accelerator of growth – 400,000 businesses across 47 countries over ten years of independent research.