How to sell more on social media for any business anywhere for free

A social media presence is now essential for the success of every business and organisation today.

Organic social media posts amplify your competitive advantages and allow your business to dominate for virtually little cost. 

All your organic posts are free on all social media platforms.

Summary – how it works

Social media platforms connect your potential ideal buyers globally or locally.

  • Establish your target audience – online via hashtags and keywords.
  • Engage with them and drive sales with relatable content that tells a bigger story than your products and services. 
  • Consistent daily posts across the top five social media platforms and ensure your brand remains consistent. 

Across the world, every industry and every country is changing. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

Social Selling is a methodology on how to influence and sell more. Its hashtag is – #socialselling.

 It starts with you (your business) helping the potential ideal buyers you’ve never met, understand

  • Why – should I buy from your business rather than your competitors – it’s about your competitive advantage. 
  • What – explaining what it does – better than its competitors.
  • How – does your business, do it a better – your competitive advantages.

With the knowledge, your team may never meet them in person.

When we onboard new clients, we pay particular attention to their answers to the WHY question. 

It is about thinking from their ideal potential buyer’s point of view. 

The WHY question is – ‘why should I only buy from your business rather than any of your competitors’? 

Does your answer deliver a competitive advantage? 



The best 

  • Invest big in gaining a unique competitive advantage – their WHY.  
  • Every element of Social Selling and influence develops from your WHY
  • Your WHY may need to be enhanced to win on digital. An analogue WHY – people to people may not be strong enough in a digital world. 
  • Content generation to engagement pivot from your WHY. 
  • Once you have a powerful WHY – continuously test and improve it relative to your competitor’s changes to their WHY.


Quick example; new car dealerships have a primary market area – a geographic area – an analogue, person to person, world – protected by legal contract.

  • To sell more now is to adopt a Social Selling methodology – it has the highest ROI on average. 
  • The WHY in a digital world will need to be significantly better than the analogue WHY. 


What we do for our clients might help your thinking about your businesses success. 

Four steps to success with Social Selling are 

  1. Train your team from analogue to digital selling – it is different – but similar. What to do differently on Monday?
  2. Solve your WHY. 
  3. Share of Voice – in the hashtag channels you compete in – ensure the number of posts each day are enough to move from invisible to dominant. Be seen or go home – by your ideal buyers. 
  4. Lift your engagement with your ideal prospective buyers. No engagement: if your business is getting no or low likes, shares, comments, requests for Zooms, there will be no new sales – ever. 

What do we do? 

Charlie and us.

However intelligent we might be – Charlie magnifies it 100x fold. ( aka rocketman)

rocket man

  • Charlie (from the machine learning and artificial intelligence department) delivers more qualified new prospects, leads and influence from across the country or the world. 
  • Knows which key sentences within your long-form content will deliver maximum engagement depending on your chosen keywords and hashtags. 
  • Charlie crafts from long-form content ( video and written content) the most engaging short-form content – engagement hooks – adding media, links, branding, hashtags to each post. 
  • Charlie posts everywhere your ideal buyers are at the right volumes to gain your share of voice. 
  • It’s like fishing – the more hooks in the water – the more fish you will catch. 
Less nurturing.
  • Your leads are engaged – been taken through awareness, intent and desire, ready for your team to engage, influence and sell more. 

Less content generation.

  • Higher engagement with your ideal buyers leads to higher volumes of leads. 
  • Charlies, engagement hooks reduce new content generation up to 8x less.
  • Charlie posts the engagement hooks between 8x to 40x more Significantly, lifting awareness across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram, Youtube and many others every day. 
Solves your WHY
  • first access a global social media database of over 900 million posts across all the major social media platforms.
  • searching by industry and country Charlie finds the top 1% engaging posts – the most shares, likes, comments.
  • searching also shows the best social media platforms, the sales funnels and much more.
  • this is not about plagiarism but precedents. Knowing how to win in the court of public opinion significantly saves money and time.
  • Charlie unique search ability solves the WHY for many

Financial average outcomes for Social Selling 

  • 2x lift in lead generation compared to Google paid advertising services. 
  • Train your sales team for Social Selling: ‘typically drives a 30% lift in revenue + 40% reduction in the length of sales cycles. A 12-week zoom training typically sees positive financial results from week 3 Tim Hughes DLA Ignite.
  • 5x ROI: every dollar invested in Social Selling returns $5 on average 
  • 78% of Social Sellers outsell their peers who do not use Social Selling.

Charlie’s financial average outcomes

  • Engagement average lift is 1440x
  • 3x lift in sales conversions from Charlies work
  • 3x shorter sales cycle.

Charlie’s average conversions are 

  • Every 3000 prospects get – 5.55% responses – 3.25% leads. 

if interested in learning more -I suggest a person to person discussion.

What you will get from a 1-on-1 demo conversation 
  • How to increase your sales with Social Selling methodology. 
  • Discover your potential market sizes, 
  • Your industries averages and best practice organic social media posts – KPIs
  • Gap + opportunity analysis for your business
  • ROI stats and typical costs
  • What is needed to start your first campaign, the typical startup timelines to expect. 
Yes – your organic posts are free and Charlie is nearly free!


Charlies prices are as low as $1 a post – affordable for all businesses.

  • No lock-in contracts – month to month

Accelerate provides a subscription publishing service that schedules and strategically distributes the most engaging content across all top five social media platforms all day, every day, to achieve the right level of share of voice and engagement maximising influence, revenue and market dominance.

All for one low monthly price – includes monthly strategy and content generation.

Our prices

We have collated a basket of competitors who provide public price lists with a similar range of services to us from across the world. Our prices are 1/2 the average price from this basket.

Our price guarantee 

If you find a professional competitor’s, lower price (including GST) for the same number of posts + services, we will beat it by 15%.