How to sell more like the best in the world now

The big global and local opportunity is the significant change in buyer behaviour occurring now – the tipping point has been reached, and there is no going back. 

Buyers up to $50,000 purchase value (goods and services) want |demand (human-free) buying.

Let me make this point again – if your business is not human-free selling – you are now in the minority in the world. 

If your business is selling 

  • franchises, 
  • fleet trucks and cars, 
  • insurance (corporate and domestic)
  • consulting, 
  • professional services,
  • coaching – everything – it’s now digital selling – not face-to-face selling.  
  • any B2B activities, 

McKinsey reports 

  • 27% of buyers, up to $500,000, prefer – no human contact when buying goods and services – ever: McKinsey.
  • Over 90% of buyers over $50,000 prefer – no human contact: McKinsey.

Now – B2B digital commerce (digital revenue operations) has overtaken seller-led (human-assisted) purchases.

It has profound impacts and opportunities for all B2B businesses. 

Gartner reports that 72% of B2B buyers complete their purchases through digital revenue operations – no human contact. 

Digital Revenue Operations – DRO (digital selling of high-value products and services) profoundly change how businesses operate; we now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

Is your business part of the Social Selling Economy? 

Winning at DRO requires changes in strategy, staff mix, execution and performance. 

It’s a mix of being more human – in a digital way – meets AI smarts. 

It requires a change in how business thinks, acts and communicates – in a zero-human digital selling environment. 

At the heart of success is a clear differentiation from your competitors. 

It’s over twenty years since Steve Jobs returned to Apple to save it. 

How he saved Apple became the template for millions of businesses that started in garages and bedrooms and rose to success.

Jobs in 1997 needed to separate | and differentiate Apple computers from a sea of sameness – from its competitors. 

Steve Jobs and then the advertising agency Chiat Day – told a strategic narrative about why you should buy their computers rather than their competitors.

  • The – Think Different – campaign became the template for how and what to do to sell more – DRO
  • It built more trust, credibility and purpose with their ideal buyers, 

Revenue exploded; the framework delivered Apple as the most successful in the world. 

A year or so later, a guy called Mark Benioff (Salesforce) with 13 staff was trying to sell CRMs in New York. It was hard work. 

He convinced Steve Jobs to mentor him – again, sales exploded – Benioff’s wealth is now estimated at $8 billion. 

Benioff – then Salesforce’s 13th employee, was Tien Zhou – its marketing director. 

Having learnt how to build a billion-dollar business – he left and started his own business – Zoura. 

Tiens Zhou is now a billionaire, and Zoura is booming. 

Nike, Allbirds, Casper, Warby Parker – millions of other businesses have applied the same five steps – accelerating DRO.

Tien Zhou says – “it always works.”

Do you want to increase revenue, profitability, and total shareholder returns? 

Do you want to understand the gaps in your business from being DRO-centric? 

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