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A framework for better customer experience – CX experiential economy – SoulCycle sells experience and fitness. 

Differentiate and position a business to stand up and rise above the noise of the market, 

SoulCycle has friendships and community at the core of its business model; it is not about cycling classes: it combines elements of cycling, dance, and strong vibes—the instructors motivate and guide clients through a high-energy workout. 

  • SoulCycle is known for its dimmed lights, scented candles, and energetic atmosphere, all a big part of the appeal and mystique of the business – they sell an emotional experience. It’s an Apple store crossover with the theatrical. 
  • A 45-minute physical, emotional, and musical journey similar to the theatre. 
  • It is a whole-of-body sensory experience – some have described the vibe as a bit cultish – broadway-Esque crosses into youth pastor energy. 
  • Riding together as a pack in candlelit studios to the rhythm of one-of-a-kind playlists at enough volume that the music is inside your body beating in rhythm with your heart. 
  • With charismatic instructors who are inspirational coaches who empower their clients to achieve more – unlock your full personal potential. Autopilot isn’t an option for instructors – changing the lighting, playlists, and words of encouragement at each session—everything is customized in real-time to the group of riders in the room. 
  • The one constant is the incredible physical challenge.


SoulCycle is a fitness business founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice in the USA -UK -Canada. Covid crushed large parts of their business – closing many sites during the pandemic. 

At SoulCycle, there are no monthly fees, but each class costs $30 to $35, and they need to book bikes in advance. 

The gaps in the market – when first considering starting the business, 

  • The traditional exercise business model was torture – not joyful. 
  • Often in cheap and nasty surroundings, 
  • From drill sergeants to spiritual gurus was the narrative they deployed. 
  • SoulCycle turned fitness into a new religion – the ultimate self-improvement business SOUL-cycle. 

Soul experience is their special sauce. 

  • The bikes could be better, the prices lower – but there is nothing like the experience. 
  • The focus is on how people feel – their client relationships matter. 

SoulCycle has an 85% retention rate.

How do you create superstar instructors? 

  • Behavioural interviewing  
  • On-the-job shadowing with experienced team leaders,
  • Great personality and individual expression,
  • Consistent training to ensure high-performance instructors,

How does SoulCycle stay ahead of its competitors? 

It focuses on how the best experience brands achieve their greatness. 

  • Disney,
  • Starbucks,
  • Airbnb, 

Thousands of riders daily take SoulCycle classes to ride through their struggles, strengthen their bodies, empower their minds, and find joy and friendships in a growing community – what could be wrong with this? 

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