How to differentiate and grow during the 2022 -23 recession now

As Australia enters a likely consumer recession in 2023- 24, the focus is on how to increase demand. Generally, the choices are 

  • Improve the core business differentiation, strategic narrative, product and services, 
  • Improve communications – marketing to capture attention, engagement and sell more, 
  • Improve social selling – everyone is on social media. It’s all about how to sell more on social,
  • Enter adjacent markets – new geographies, markets, new products and services,
  • Fire-up new breakout businesses,
  • Improve the trustability, authority and credibility rapidly of the business with your ideal buyers, 

Leadership matters: As McKinsey regularly reminds us – leaders that adopt a growth mindset are 2.4x more likely to outperform. It is a clear choice – grow or not. 

  • Set bold, actionable ambitions, 
  • Develop a culture championed by all stakeholders.
  • Growth leaders generate 80 percent more shareholder value than their peers over ten years,

Differentiation matters: Mckinsey reports that differentiation improves your gross margin faster than 70% of your industry through your business model, segmentation, and value proposition (pitch).

When businesses don’t have a clear differentiation and market position from their competitors – a way to stand out – that is meaningful to a target audience, often the only effective tool they have left is lowering prices – a dead-end game. 

  • Positioning is the place you hold in the mind’s eye of your target audience. 
  • Differentiation is how your firm differs or stands out from your competitors on a non-price basis.

Business leaders would only enter a new market if they knew they could stand out – differentiate clearly from competitors. 

These six steps are part of the differentiation playbook -it is a checklist – how does your business perform?

  1. Branding – ensure buyers feel positive when viewing your branding, 


• Create specific emotion(s),

• Stand for a mission or purpose that intersects with your ideal buyers, 

• Be seen a lot more than your competitors to build recognition, attention, credibility, and trust in your business,

• Be known as the expert or thought leader within your vertical, 

2. Pricing –  make it easier for buyers to pay, 

• Offer buy now pay, 

• Create pricing that positions for growth, 

• Offer a cheaper price campaign – that stop and start with clear end dates, 

3. Customer Experience – ensure buyers love every interaction with your business, How to stand out,

• Exceptional onboarding experiences,

• Create best practise user experiences that buyers love to use,

• Use every engagement as a stepping stone to building stronger relationships & accelerate your businesses brand equity, 


4. Networking for growth: Building relationships with ideal buyers changes rapidly when your average price exceeds $10,000. 

• Ecosystem: create integrated solutions working together to deliver better results, 

• Distribution: make it easier to buy your solutions,

• Partnerships: integrate with ideal partners so customers gain a fully integrated solution,

• Inbound lead generator: create content to build relationships with customers so they call you

5 Solution – Create products and services that solve significant unmet buyer needs or are a multiple of 5x to 10x better in some way than competitors,

• Make it likely that you’ll get better results

 Make the solution last longer

• Solve the problem faster and more straightforward, 

 Get more significant results,

6 Niche vs Total Addressable Market – Narrow or widen whom your business serves. Many variables depend on which approach will lead to more revenue. At the heart of decision making – deeply understand the intersection of ideal buyers, product and services differentiation and the Blue Ocean opportunities or not. The mass market works for many. However, specialist niches may work too – or not. 

The ultimate aim is to excel – exceed your competitor’s deliverables in your ideal buyer’s mind, as a general rule – better, faster, simpler, cheaper, or all of these is how to achieve this. 

Focus on achieving 10x better at one or more of the above to attract more buyers. 

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