How the best prepare to win more buyers at scale – your checklist.

The following checklist is a quick guide to help you win more customers, buyers and clients. There are six key areas to optimise to win more. 

  1. Promotional planning, 
  2. Marketing and Buying,
  3. Digital assets,
  4. Data analysis,
  5. Continuous content testing,
  6. Approvals,

Promotional planning, 

Every industry has peak periods – for 

  • Australian retailers, it’s Christmas leading up to then Boxing Day. 
  • In the US and online, Black Friday is the peak period, 
  • In China, it is their – Singles day, 

Whenever your buyers’ intent is high in your industry – your marketing must capture – maximum attention – engagement and result in selling more. 

 Optimise your campaigns to achieve 

  • Differentiation – from your competitors and delight potential buyers, 
  • Gifts with purchase can create excellent results, 
  • It may be a mix of bundled products and services – review your average order value – can you trade off and justify discounts by lifting the average order value? 
  • Significant discount on selected products and services,  
  • Time-sensitive – only for x hours or days,
  • Fear of missing out – there is limited stock, 
  • Rapid response – be ready to change marketing in response to the market,
  • Purpose – growing interest with buyers in supporting – charities – consider giving x% to a named charity – this can lift your overall results, 


Marketing and Buying 

The fourth quarter of the year is when the world’s largest companies allocate more cooperative marketing and product allowances ( drop their wholesale prices) – plan well ahead – negotiate well. 

This cost to acquire attention skyrockets in Q4. To mitigate the costs, consider these steps. 

  • Start earlier – engage earlier, building hype with a lower CPM,
  • Optimise low-cost marketing with email/SMS, 
  • Know which marketing channels will deliver – organic social media has no inflationary impact,
  • Precision marketing with mobility data has a high ROI,
  • Affiliate and Influencer marketing may also deliver new markets with little lift in CPM,

Digital Assets

Landing Pages: Every promotion should have two landing pages – new and existing customers. 

Each landing page should be tested and optimised for maximum sales results. 

It is a specialist area. Find the best if you don’t have a team internally to build landing pages. 

Key competencies include 

  • research, 
  • wireframing, 
  • copywriting, 
  • UI design and development,
  • Once built, duplicate and test many versions,

On average, you are seeking to double the conversion rate after duplicating and testing multiple versions,

Website Banners & Product Pages: Your homepage and other key pages should reflect the campaigns you’re running. 

 Check that your CRM capture and retargeting are working. 

Data analysis. 

There are powerful segmentation and precision data suppliers – that can significantly improve every facet of your campaigns. 

If you are not using this technology – you are significantly behind your competitors. 

Know how each market segment will respond (in advance) – what the hot button issues are, and how to engage and convert at scale – which are the best creatives and channels to reach and engage.

Check out yesterday’s newsletters about the Call to Action. 

Always Testing, 

  • Consistent scientific approaches to A/B tests – can add significant results. 
  • Landing page testing includes
  • New content – a comparison chart,
  • New benefits, new ways to layout the
  • New ways to improve the add-to-cart button, 

Approval processes

  • Improve the flow – increase the speed for sign-offs, 

We accelerate communities of PASSIONATE NEW BUYERS by fuelling and facilitating their insatiable hunger for authentic content and conversations – so your business captures enormous attention and engagement – influence and sell more.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more organic attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They are seen and heard more,  
  • Engage more with their ideal buyers,
  • Influence and Sell More. 

Our business reflects the human truth: we are a social and human-first digital agency built on strategic narrative and pitch across platforms.

We accelerate powerful buyer insights gained through micro-content that ultimately influences actual business results. 

Your ideal buyer truth is our lifeblood – we are loyal to it, defend it and accelerate it.

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. 

It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. If so, please, share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

Thanks for reading,