How the best business intelligence can accelerate any businesses grow faster.

It’s a global war for innovation.

Every business wants new products and new business models that can accelerate business growth and profitability from day one. 

As in any war, intelligence services are vital to winning sooner. 

Charlie from the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence department is the game-changer. 

Every hour of everyday global vacuuming of hundreds of millions of businesses’ performance is collected. 

It’s easy in a digital world. Yet many business leaders may find this confronting. 

Product innovation

The fastest-growing sales volumes of products and services in any sector and country – in the last 24 hours, week, months, and year. 

The fastest-growing gross profit products or category level. Over the last 24 hours, weeks, months and years. 

Even the suppliers for the best-sellers: so you can save time and buy from them. Now you can integrate the best selling products and services into your business within hours or days.

How it works

Over 200 million products and services each day are captured. There are 20 plus million updates each day – new pricing, content, new products and services added or deleted. 

Business Intelligence reporting is occurring in near-real-time – every few hours. 

Business innovation 

  • Want to start a new business? 
  • Want to find and integrate a new business within your existing business? 
  • Want to test if the proposed business purchase is a good investment? 
  • Want waves of new opportunities delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly? 
  • Proven, in the market, in the top 1-10% of businesses. 
  • Want a better growth strategy? 
  • Want to test your growth strategy versus some of the best – in near-real-time? 

How it works 

Every day 900 million-plus business models are scanned. 

Business Intelligence – reporting is by industry, country, global, growth rate, and many other key performance indicators.  

The Business Intelligence questions why buy a business? 

Now you can save 

  • Goodwill, 
  • Culture fit problems, 
  • IT integration problems
  • A myriad of unexpected issues. 
  • Build it from the ground up faster. 


Do you want more 

  • growth for the visitor economy
  • more products to distribute
  • more margin 
  • more new products that your competitors don’t have? 

Marketing campaigns can drive your profitability. Now remove all guesswork. 

With over 700 million marketing campaigns and their performance with over ten million a day updates – it’s possible to find the best performing marketing campaigns. 

  • Industry, 
  • Country,
  • Global
  • Any period.

We view the headline, creativity, and content. 

How many shares, likes, comments and clicks to their CTAs. 

Track the sales funnel, including which social media platforms performed best, paid media, SEO – the list is almost endless. 

Now you can track almost every element from Strategy to Execution and then the financial performance of nearly all campaigns globally or locally.  

As in any good news story, there are often gaps. 

Searches can find all the data – others find data gaps. 

But for most businesses, this provides a Startrek moment. 

They jump lightyears in a single step. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

Regardless of your business type, it’s possible to think, act and communicate the same as the best businesses in the world. 

It is almost all rewards with little risk.

What will change Monday?  

Are you ready or will your competitors start before your business? 

ACCELERATE provides a monthly subscription social media publishing + strategy service for the implementation, optimisation and reporting ensuring success for businesses to launch and manage their social influence and selling – as either outsourced or support service provider.

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