The world is changing; how to capture more demand and profits now.

The world is changing; how to capture more demand and profits now.


The world’s biggest businesses have substantial marketing budgets to achieve global scale.

  • Buying a billion impressions on Facebook is easy.
  • Delivering influencer campaigns with a billion impressions is deliverable – just more work.  

With 50-plus million creators– influencers worldwide, the ideal would be to choose a platform, set up a target audience, budget, and go. 

However, TikTok data showed that creator-influencer content outperforms branded content at attention awareness, consideration engagement and conversion to revenue stages. 

Why is this so?

Authenticity, trustability, authority and expertness between influencers and their followers is the formula. 

How brands grow in 2023 (1)


Byron Sharp’s marketing bible – How Brands Grow, is a book about evidence-based marketing -what works (and doesn’t)

The book focuses on building and accelerating businesses based on scientific practice rather than marketing theory. 

Seven Rules for Brand Growth – Byron Sharp


  1. Continuously reach all potential buyers of the category – avoid being invisible, silent, or unengaged. 
  2. Ensure the brand is easy to buy (communicate how the brand fits with the ideal buyer’s life)
  3. Get the attention of your potential buyers, 
  4. Refresh and build memory structures (make the brand easy to notice and easy to buy)
  5. Create and use distinctive brand assets (use sensory cues to get noticed and stay top of mind)
  6. Be consistent (avoid unnecessary changes whilst keeping the brands fresh and exciting)
  7. Stay competitive 

The New Laws of Marketing


The Double Jeopardy Law: Brands with smaller market shares have fewer buyers, who are also less loyal (loyalty declines with market share)

Duplication of Purchases Law: All brands within a category share their customer base with other brands in line with the size of those other brands.

How brands grow in 2023 (2)


Today the most valuable asset in the world is attention.

Without the attention of your future ideal buyers, there is no commercial future. 

Increasing ATTENTION – maximises influence, revenue and market dominance.  

Every successful business in the world captures and accelerates buyer attention efficiently. 

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • More attention, 
  • More engagement with future buyers, direct mail, likes, shares, comments, booking meetings, 
  • They influence and sell more, 

Where are your ideal buyers every day – every hour? On social media platforms.

Demand generation: it is essential to use social media platforms to reach, expose and capture your ideal buyers’ attention to your business continuously.

Social Media Management: is the outsourcing or blended approach to maximising attention engagement and revenue conversion across social media.

Budgets are always tight, strategies can be more precise, and implementation continues to get more complex. 

The four principal pillars of growth remain – 

  • Attention, the most valuable asset in the world,
  • Frequency (the velocity of posts published each hour, day, and week) 
  • Engagement with real people (potential buyers) online and in person, 
  • Influence commercial outcomes, 

How is your business growing demand for your products and services? 

Does it have an outsourced or blended partner arrangement for social media management? 

Will your business benefit from more attention and engagement to sell more now?