How outsourced podcasting delivers more revenue, profitability, credibility and trust now

Social selling is developing, nurturing, and leveraging online relationships to sell more of your products or services. 

It is more than just networking on social media sites: It’s a strategy that includes capturing the attention of and sharing relevant content that sparks engagement with leads and prospects online.

Social selling and social media marketing are powerful strategies for driving revenue – but they are different. 


  • Social media marketing is one part of a larger content marketing strategy. It delivers the right content to the right people at the right time.
  • Social selling is a methodology that lifts your ideal buyers’ prospects from consideration to buying now from your business and not from your competitors.
  • Digital marketing includes email, social media, web-based advertising, and text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel. If a marketing campaign involves digital communication, it’s called digital marketing.

78% of sales professionals using social media perform better than their peers.

According to recent research, social selling enables sales professionals to qualify leads better to gain 40 to 50% more new business with an 80-90% retention rate. 

Regardless of country, size and age of business, industry and level of competition – social selling done right – delivers more. 

The Importance of Content in Social Selling

The right content transforms ordinary sales professionals into trusted thought leaders and industry experts with credibility and authority. 

The problem is that everyone knows what social selling is, but only some businesses integrate a proven methodology that connects their marketing, sales and content creation with a single revenue operations approach without silos. 

Podcasts are another communication tool that helps transform results. 

Key takeaways

  • High Engagement: Podcasts are top-rated: About half of Americans in a recent study have listened to a podcast in the past year, and 20% of those listeners say they listen to it nearly daily.
  • Listeners turn to podcasts for entertainment, learning, and something to listen to while doing something else. 

The rise of podcasts

  • Spotify paid at least $200 million for an exclusive deal with The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2020.
  • Many listeners follow a podcast or its hosts on social media or purchase an advertised product.
  • About a third of listeners (36%) even say they’ve tried a lifestyle change – such as a workout routine or journaling – because of a podcast, they listened to.
  • Podcasts generally deliver a higher level of trust than people have in some, even many, news and information sources. 
  • Podcasts are one of the fastest ways to create a business relationship where they want to help as fast as they finish their interview. 

Commitment and consistency, 

Podcasts work when there is a regular, reliable, predictable rhythm. The highest performing is weekly podcasting. It triggers commitment and consistency in the mind of your prospects and listeners.  

The listener knows your business will show up every week, every month, whatever your preferred rhythm is, that they can count on you being there and telling the stories that matter and that your business is the voice of business for the niche it serves. 

Social proof – social media – social selling – podcasting integrates to provide content that delivers more authenticity and builds trust, credibility and authority in your industry. 


In our case, we share parts of podcasts – video, audio, and transcriptions, including

  • photos on tv screens in the studio or digital frames,
  • as seen on – our website and Youtube channels,
  • many podcasts gain tens of thousands of interviews,

These all trigger social proof, 



Podcasting or working with professional studio partners automatically differentiates them from everyone else in their industry – they’ve separated themselves from their competitors.

  • It establishes those businesses who begin podcasting and its interviewees as authorities to the people who matter most to them.
  • They get to be the ones that are the voice of business for the niche that they serve or the community they serve, so that level of authority comes along for the ride. 

If your business has yet to consider the value of podcasting, social selling and lifting attention, engagement and visibility of your business to sell more – let’s chat. 

Podcasting done well is an innovative, successful client-acquisition strategy to sell high-value products and services today. 

We partner for clients with the top 1% of podcasters worldwide – wholly done for you. 

B2B selling involving high-value, complex products and services is different – engagement with your future clients is now more effortless – the only question is your business prepared to win more revenue now?