How one change can increase a key KPI performance by 300%

People buy from people they see more often on their phones on social media platforms – #socialselling. 

Question: which communication medium has overtaken all social media platforms to become the fastest growing? 

Video has overtaken all social media channels MarketingCharts

Combining videos with social media – is the ignition point to influence and sell more. 

“We’ve seen an explosion in video, and it’s a paradigm shift we’re embracing.” — Adam Mosseri @mosseri head of @Instagram

  • Videos attract more ATTENTION with 300% more traffic and receive 403% more ENGAGEMENT and inquiries – sell more. 
  • If your content generation favours written over video – stop, it is time to reverse it.  

ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. 

The stand-out growth for B2B and B2C is from videos posted on social media that are straight from your phone videos – no professional lighting – just raw footage. 

Yes, people buy from people they see on their phones – in a world of fake news – they want real and raw. 

  • Estate Agents, walking through a new listing – their mobile phone video is on – speaking as they go about why they think this house is fantastic – in a three to ten video.
  •  Professional Services, on boarding a new client, discussing the next steps in the client journey. 
  • Ecommerce, introducing your new products and the story behind them. 
  • Coaches and consultants explain their points of difference and how they change lives. 

But one video is only 

  • one social media post, 
  • sometimes too long, 
  • the engaging moments – are hidden within a long video 
  • People’s social media attention is less than a goldfish – only 8 seconds. They ask – is this interesting – yes or no – gone? 

Best practice

Enterprise businesses: PWC, Google, Vaynermedia (Gary V) thousands of others have for years – found the most interesting, engaging moments from their long videos, edited them then posted these micro-moments (about 8 seconds of viewing time) to capture more attention and sell more.

This approach has led to a 100x increase in engagement on average. 

How it works

Rather than one video – now you have 8 to 30 micro posts to post to multiple social media platforms – each tested for maximum engagement and SEO.

The global average for engagement on social media is .013% of all posts that attract likes, comments, shares, and requests for zoom meetings. 

The micro-moments approach average exceeds 13% engagement. 

If gaining the attention and engagement of prospective buyers is vital to new revenue growth then this approach is gold. 

Why does it work? 

Your business has more unique micro-moment posts ready to post to the top social media platforms where your ideal buyers are. 

Turning one post into twenty micro-moments – posted to five social media platforms = 100 posts a day. 

The advantages are 

  • Be seen more 
  • Be heard more
  • Engage more with your ideal buyers 
  • Sell more 

Micro-moments provide enormous reach and frequency – your competitors cannot match. 

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They get more attention first 
  • Next More engagement 
  • Influence and Sell More. 



  • paid advertising,  
  • lots of content generation, 
  • and without doing a lot of outreach #socialselling, 

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