How new finance facilities are tied to a percentage of revenue growth

No business can afford to be average – they won’t survive today. 

No business can afford to have average banking products – they won’t survive tomorrow. 

Revenue-based financing (“RBF”) provides capital to a growing business for a percentage of its future revenue. 

It is debt-based capital for businesses that have a planned acceleration of growth. 

Advantages include: non-dilutive; you’re not giving up any shareholder equity in the business. 

Access to funding is faster for companies that need it than for seeking other forms of finance like equity financing. 

The criteria for approval are transparent. 

  • 2-year terms typically, with the flexibility to go as low as one year to three years. 
  • Lending up to 10% of revenue, anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000. 
  • There’s a 1% origination fee; no other complicated covenants. 
  • Term sheets in a week and funds within 30 days.
  • There are no personal guarantees, collateral, or complex covenants.

There are two issues to consider. 

First, finance is only available to businesses that have an enduring plan to save the planet. 

Second, for a short while, finance is only available for USA based businesses. 

Dimitry Gershenson, co-founder and CEO of Enduring Planet, a new climate-focused RBF lender that’s already inked some deals. “If there’s ever been a time to lend against future revenue and tie our finance facilities to our current and future climate crisis to ensure we have a future on the planet, it’s now.”

Now the future of businesses is tied directly to reducing the stresses on the future of the planet. 

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