How buying groups deliver Social Selling success.

One hundred years ago, was the last generation to see off horses and carts. 

Our generation will be the last to see off physical retail. 

  • Now e-commerce has surpassed in-person retailing as the single most effective sales channel. (McKinsey) 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy


  • People have never done business with companies.
  • People do business with other people. 
  • Business is always about people – now called #socialselling.
  • People do business with other people more online.

Those businesses that build stronger social connections create better financial performance outcomes. 

  • Think of social selling as if it were a business networking event: the reality is it is a global networking event spread across five main channels. Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

98% of your customers are buying on social up to million-dollar transactions -the question is will your business turn up and be a match fit?

The opportunities for businesses of all sizes everywhere are enormous. 

L’Oréal invested in social selling to increase revenue.

  • The beauty brand lifted revenue by 25%
  • It found its people (staff) and customers are your greatest social influencers.  

Sephora is empowering its social selling – beauty advisors & customers are social selling inspiring sales online, get rewarded & deepen relationships with consumers everywhere.

A solution example

The problem – you are the CEO of a buying group with a hundred physical stores selling products. The market leaders are the big corporates. Growth is hard work. 

How to grow faster

  1. activate the network of retailers with social selling methodology. (train them how to move from analogue to digital) 
  2. train all staff how to influence, connect, share – build relationships and sell more.
  3. provide them with the technology tools and methodology to win more new buyers today. 
  4. target your competitor’s customers as they leave their stores – all in real-time – with your integrated social selling campaign. (this is one of the highest ROI available on average)

At the pointy end of creating user content – now when a staff member gets

  • a rave review, 
  • a new product release 
  • a new employee joins 

they video about it – drop the video file into dropbox for sharing everywhere – within the brand guidelines all approved before distribution.

Social selling is less transactional and driven more by building authentic relationships. 

Social media gives salespeople a platform to enhance existing relationships, build new ones, and build trust at scale – the foundations for selling more. 

Remove your business from a commodity business to a social relationship business and see the impact. 

How we help 

Accelerate provides a subscription publishing + strategy service to 

  • lift influence and social selling 
  • that schedules and distributes 
  • the most engaging content across all top five social media platforms every day.

Increasing your share of voice and engagement – maximises influence, revenue and market dominance.  

The average results are 

  • 40x more organic posts, 
  • 144x more engagement with your future buyers, 
  • 3x faster sales cycles, 
  • 2x lift in conversions for 
  • 1/2 the price of our competitors.  
  • Delivering influence, revenue and market dominance.

All for one low monthly price includes

  • monthly strategy sessions 
  • professional content generation – video and written

Immediate impact



Actions consumers take social selling