How Social Impact helps businesses Sell More.

 Prince Harry became the Chief Impact Officer (CIO) of BetterUp; you may have thought to yourself, what is a Chief Impact Officer?

Social Impact increasingly is the role businesses play as governments withdraw. 

The phrase social impact has become global. A search on Linkedin displays more than 17,000 results.

Increasingly businesses are expected to speak out (their customers want them to speak out on social issues). 

  • How do you know? 
  • It’s on social media – your ideal buyers are saying it. 

Governments across the western world are losing the trust of people. Edelman’s Trust Scores tell a chilling story. 

The result is that businesses have stepped into social issues and business purpose space. They are telling a bigger story than just their products and services – in broad alignment with their buyer’s views. 

Nike‘s social impact campaign – Black Lives Matter, is a textbook example. 

As the Trump Whitehouse walked away – Nike and other businesses stepped up to provide clear leadership on a social issue. Black Lives Matter. 

Nike also found it was good for business with a lift in revenue directly linked to their social stand. 

  • Experts in the field say the last two years have only amplified social impact expectations as public concerns mount over the pandemic, climate change, potential war with Russia and the list is a long one. 

What is Social Impact?  It s businesses that help solve the biggest issues and generate tangible social change. It is no longer a simple political left versus right argument. Your buyers have moved past this framework.

Social issues, 

  • education, 
  • climate emergency, 
  • women’s rights, 
  • youth mental health, 
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion,
  • mental health

Is this new?  


Patagonia decades ago was an early social impact business centred around climate change emergency. 

Is social impact an option? Not any more. 

Your buyers want to do business with those that tell a bigger story than just their products and services.

Social Impact helps buyers differentiate which businesses they will and will not buy from. It is central to your WHY. 

Now boards and leadership teams define their corporate responsibility with an elevated focus on ESG, CSR & Social Impact.

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

Where 98% of your buyers are spending hours each day across multiple social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln and YouTube, the only question is, does your business have a social selling strategy? 

Now it is time for your business to join the Social Selling economy.

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