How a startup helps customers buy more from value-driven businesses.

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It starts with 

  • Being seen more,
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Goodbuy a 2021 startup business has eight employees and has aggregated 185,000 small businesses with 19.5 million products into their business model. 

They focus on telling a bigger story than just their products and services: their solution helps buyers find businesses that are purpose and values-driven that align more with their values and purpose. 

The startup’s impact is peeling shoppers away from major retailers with their browser extension. 

How it works. 

When setting up the browser extension you choose from a wide range of preferences that align with their values. 

Some of the preferences are 

  • business owners who are or support LGBTQ+,
  • products that are certified vegan, 
  • products that are made – cruelty-free, 
  • locally-made,
  • purpose-driven businesses. 

The browser starts when you’re shopping online, highlighting the same (or similar) products from businesses that may be smaller, more diverse, and socially conscious.

Cara Oppenheimer, a co-founder of Goodbuy said ‘ it’s hyper-efficient to be able to go to mega-retailers and get the gratification you need, but it wasn’t fulfilling—it didn’t feel good.”

If a Goodbuy shopper is looking for the popular Ilia skin tint serum that Miranda Kerr wore to the Met Gala and pulls up the product page on Sephora, Goodbuy shows that it’s also available for the same price ($48) from other sites. 

One of those sites is Credo, a small business that identifies as woman-owned, AAPI-owned, and sustainable.

Is it popular? 

  • Goodbuy claims a click-through rate of 6% and a purchase rate of 4.5%. Which is higher than the industry averages. 

The win-win is buyers are confident of finding those businesses that are more aligned with their values whilst they are browsing – saving time and in many cases, they pay the same price or less. 

The win for purpose-driven businesses is selling more without increasing their marketing. 

Our values drive what we do — it is not our age, gender, income, or education. 

In the old world, demographic labels can only tell us what people are on the outside, not who they are on the inside. 

And it’s what’s inside that counts.

In the new world, our values drive how we vote, shop and live. 

People – your buyers and customers are seeking purpose-driven brands and leading us to a values-driven world with their wallets. 

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