ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. How to get more.

ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. 


Attention, awareness, and visibility is the building block for accelerating growth. 

Without attention – there is no growth, intent or consideration to buy. 

It is a choice between invisible or visible. 

Paid advertising costs and effectiveness are declining due to legislative and privacy impacts from many governments across the world. Paid advertising interrupts. 

Organic advertising is free posts on any or all social media platforms. Organic advertising is where you join and be seen in the conversations that matter. 

Social media is the CORE accelerant that delivers ATTENTION – for less cost. 

More attention equals more posts. the USA – PetSmart-owned multi-billion-dollar e-commerce site for pet products with average retail prices of $10 – how much do they spend to acquire new buyers using paid advertising? 

With average retail prices of $10 with a margin of $4 – would you spend more or less than the $4 margin to acquire them? 

This public company-owned e-commerce brand spends upwards of $148 to convince a customer to buy a $10 dog toy. 

With this unprofitable bubble about to burst – across the world – the days of cheap social media paid advertising have gone. 

The business models built on getting attention for less with paid social media have finished – being replaced with organic advertising. 

Mochi ice cream brand Little Moons went viral on social media. Their sales lifted 10x. 

Little Moons RRP is just under £5 a pack. These are ice cream balls wrapped in Japanese ‘mochi’ (rice dumpling), in flavours like coconut, caramel, mango and peach. 

Viral – is free organic posts (advertising) accelerated by people sharing, and commenting about a product, service, or event. It is labelled as viral at a time it hits a level where a wider population than just the target market begins to see and share further. 

How did Little Moons make the most of social media fame? 

How it started: lockdown boredom, a few people on social media posted about going to the ‘big Tesco’ and ‘discovered’ these small, aesthetically packaged treats. 

Their followers wanted to buy some. The trend spiralled: the organic hashtag #littlemoons has 144 million-plus views and #littlemoonsmochi has garnered 105 million-plus views. 

The attention ( views) started with free – no cost – posts on social media. 

Magnified 100 million-plus times as people shared the posts. At this stage, it has cost Little Moons – zero

Little Moons accelerated the trend with a smaller paid advertising campaign whilst also alerting journalists from mainstream media outlets to write about the developing phenomenon – which they did. 

 ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. 

Organic social media is the foundation for businesses of every size for accelerating attention. 

Social Selling – begins with attention. 

We now all live in a Social Selling Economy – are you joining? 

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

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