Google ads cost-per-lead rose 91%: How to increase your ROI

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is your ideal buyer’s attention.

Inflation costs for more attention are rising at warp speed.

According to The Google Ads Benchmark Report, Google ads cost-per-lead rose 91%. Google measures across 23 industries.

For many businesses, the cost per lead has increased significantly across 90% of industries.

  • The average increase is 19% across all industries.
  • The most significant increases by industry are
  • Arts & Entertainment, up 134%;
  • Travel, up 69%,
  • Furniture is up 54%.

In some industries, the cost per lead fell,

  • Finance & Insurance, down 2%,
  • Education and Instruction, down 29%.

Now there is a conversion problem along with roaring inflation.

Buying your potential buyers’ attention is a rapidly rising cost – getting them to take the next step – clicking your Call to Action – is also a rapidly falling outcome.

Conversion rates have fallen significantly across 91% of industries surveyed, with an average overall decrease of 14%.

Make it impossible to fail. So far as is reasonably practicable, businesses can significantly improve their conversion and return on investment to acquire more new buyers with this proven, science-based approach – making it impossible to fail.

The problem,

Paid advertising: Adwords brings potential buyers who often have never heard, know or are aware of your business. They are stone cold (awareness of your business) – just sending thousands of people to your website or landing pages means you have to optimise all of the following to improve your ROIs.

  1. In advance,
  2. Build more trust – visually, exude more trust than your competitors. (we add 100x more trust assets within 30 days for our clients on average)
  3. Your WHY – explain your differentiation – why they should only buy from your business rather than their competitors.
  4. Strategic Pitch and Narrative -tell a bigger strategic story than just your products and services – they will, on average, remember your business 22x more. We remember stories, not dot points.
  5. Social Selling – train and implement social selling methodologies across your business – Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them.
  6. Strategic Marketing – know what works first – save money, time and effort (for many B2B lead generation clients – we guarantee leads per quarter)

Other improvements might be

To capture and hold more attention to your landing pages with some of the following proven steps.

Listicle Landing Pages

Simply put, a listicle is a list format. It is a few sentences or multiple paragraphs that are easy to read. The format makes educating or delighting readers easier without much cognitive effort on their behalf.

Typically strong headlines like
The Top 10 Movies of 2022,
7 Steps to Build a High Performing Business.

A listicle could also take the top 5 attributes and benefits your buyers mention in your customer reviews. They are a great way to build more trust.

  • Buyer journey Landing Pages
  • The focus is primarily on re-creating the buyer journey and laying out the page to answer all the questions – make buying easy.
  • What do they need to know to buy?
  • What sequence are potential buyers consuming content to decide whether they will buy?
  • If looking for reviews is important, make it front and centre,
  • If finding ingredients for your cakes is essential – make them easy to find,
  • If more trust and social proof are essential, add them on page one,

Make it impossible to fail – reduce your risks and increase your opportunities to exceed – it makes all the difference.