Faster Sales Growth – How an Aussie website gets $400,000 a month revenue

There is a significant opportunity for business leaders to integrate more social into their companies.

Telling a bigger story than your products and services drives better recruitment, culture, performance and growth. 

At our core, humans are social beings – we crave connection and community—both social media—and the physical world are the keys to building better-performing businesses. 

This simple growth tip – refer a friend and get lower prices or gifts formula – More friends = lower prices – has powered many into billion-dollar businesses. (see previous newsletters for many examples).

Any product, service, or business with a social element has fundamental advantages over those competing for non-social products in that category.

We now live in a Social Selling economy. Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

Those with social have 

  • better growth loops, 
  • better engagement, 
  • better retention, 
  • better defensibility,
  • more community-driven acceleration of growth, 
  • lower customer acquisition, 

Increasingly we see businesses that have no paid advertising to drive revenue growth. 

The Party People is an Australian party supply business. Founded by Dean Salakas and is based in Drummoyne, Australia.

In 2019 Dean controversially turned down a lucrative investment offer from Aussie Shark Janine Allis. Today, his company is raking it in. Dean said at the time he thought Janine wanted too much of the business – 40% for too little money. 

Today Dean is advising as well as retailing 

  • Advisory Board MemberAdvisory Board Member NORA ~ National Online Retailers Association
  • Member of Board of Advisors – Online Retail SummitMember of Board of Advisors – Online Retail Summit -Comexposium

The business pitch – We have the largest range of party supplies, theme decorations, balloons and costumes in Australia.

They spend zero dollars on traditional advertising. 

  • 0 ads
  • $0 monthly budget
  • 0 monthly paid clicks

Their focus is on social media over paid advertising. Some key details. 

Website –

Revenue $400,000/month


Website Traffic – 55.1K/month

Top SEO Pages

We ACCELERATE communities of PASSIONATE NEW BUYERS by fuelling and facilitating their insatiable hunger for authentic content and conversations – so your business captures enormous attention and engagement – influence and sell more.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • They get more attention first 
  • Next More engagement 
  • Influence and Sell More. 

Our business reflects the human truth: we are a social and human-first digital agency built on strategic narrative and pitch across platforms.

We accelerate powerful buyer insights gained through micro-content that ultimately influences actual business results. 

Your ideal buyer truth is our lifeblood – we are loyal to it, defend it and accelerate it.

There is no longer a single, generic message served to a mass audience – now drive buyer attention and revenue growth by speaking specifically and differently based on who they are, by listening and understanding more.

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. 

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