Business marriages made in heaven – fast growth – how it works

Business marriages made in heaven 

  • An influencer has millions of followers, 
  • You start a business that aligns your businesses purpose with the influencer’s purpose, values and followers – follow your business, 
  • You have never-ending physical and digital traffic to drive revenue and lower the cost of acquiring new buyers. 

Pairing influencers with an audience has attracted significant global venture and private equity investments over the last 3-4 years.

However, just being an influencer doesn’t guarantee success – today. 

As I wrote recently – influencers have gone all out – now, they are the business owners and influencers – all in one – but what looked easy – strategy, execution, procurement – suddenly looked more complex – and many in dire trouble. 

 Star power – influencers accelerate businesses’ growth – the fundamentals of the business were sound – star power added the extra zing. 

Star power – can’t fix the underlying problems of a business – much to the concern of private equity. 

What do influencers brands that succeed do well at? 

  1. Followers | buyers, it is a great sugar hit – however, there is a go-to-market plan that gets months or years from followers – not a week (see a previous newsletter on this),
  2. Strategic content, all brands have a significant investment in content generation, video, written, and audio combined with organic content velocity – a lot of posts, 
  3. Push the boundaries; capturing more attention – requires being bolder and bolder – engagement then revenue follows. 

These three traits executed well – deliver a marketing flywheel effect – building 10x to 100x more attention, engagement, and revenue growth. 

Contrast this approach to driving expensive traffic from paid Facebook and Google and trying to get an ROI.

So, what’s the big lesson?

1) Become a content machine, 

2) Organic social is your friend (posts are free),

3) As a business, be bolder, rise above the noise of the market, 

4) Alignment with your ideal buyers, purpose, and values 

A quick checklist for Q4 



  • The more channels – the more revenue growth – without exception (McKinsey). Most businesses are operating 12 plus channels – email, social channels 2-6, in-person, and so on – build into more strategic channels, 
  • Have you locked in strategy, budgets, and cadence for all touchpoints? 
  • Are all Landing Pages and content updated to match this quarter’s campaigns? 
  • Deep analysis of the data on both a daily and weekly basis – the trend is your friend ( until it isn’t)
  • Email campaigns, thank you emails -have they all been updated? 
  • SMS – campaigns – are they updated? 
  • Social selling methodology – have your teams been trained? 
  • PR – published news stories – bring enormous traffic, 
  • Influencers – are you introducing more? 
  • Newsletters – building communities? 

Landing Pages

  • Stocktake – have you got individual landing pages for each channel and campaign? 
  • Have the copywriting and testing implemented best practices to maximise high conversions?
  • Have you tested all Landing Pages for a 1-second load time?

It is time to ACCELERATE communities of PASSIONATE NEW BUYERS by fuelling and facilitating their insatiable hunger for authentic content and conversations – so your business captures enormous attention and engagement – influence and sell more.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • More attention first 
  • More engagement 
  • Influence and Sell More.

Our business reflects the human truth: we are a social and human-first digital agency built on strategic narrative and pitch across platforms.

We accelerate powerful buyer insights gained through micro-content that ultimately influences actual business results. 

Your ideal buyer truth is our lifeblood – we are loyal to it, defend it and accelerate it.

There is no longer a single, generic message served to a mass audience – now drive buyer attention and revenue growth by speaking specifically and differently based on who they are, by listening and understanding more.

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. 

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