Building communities of raving new buyers powers growth: How to win more buyers

More sustained growth and profitability = growing a more significant community of potential future buyers. 

#1 Grow community

Customer retention and loyalty are building a community around your brand.

Know your core customers – you can scale your core with look-a-like audiences – from only a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.

The value is 

  • Communities produce User Generated Content, which may go viral – competitions are vital to engagement and viral campaigns.
  • Potential new buyers are influenced more by current users versus marketing messages, 
  • Communities build social bonds,
  • Communities are very profitable – with a higher Lifetime Value.

Harley-Davidson has built a strong community around its motorcycles – with dedicated and loyal members, a subscription model and benefits like club memberships, sharing experiences, using the app, and drinking coffee at partner points, all build the buzz about being inside the community. 

#2 Integrate proven growth loops

Uber and other fast-growing businesses have used this framework to grow rapidly, 

  • Acquisition, 
  • Activation, 
  • Retention, 
  • Referral, 
  • Revenue. 

They also incorporated growth loops into their business models – social word-of-mouth marketing positively affects the likelihood of more new user acquisitions.

The new-bank  Revolut claims to have acquired 4M users through viral growth loops.

The framework is – Offline → Online → Offline acquisition loop. 

  • the Revolut card arrives at home, 
  • new users share the unboxing experience on social media,
  • the users get rewarded for signing up new users. 

It’s a viral growth loop with a negligible cost – but a significant growth upside.

#3 The trend is your friend – ride global trends ahead of your competition.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention. 

Acquiring more attention and engagement with your ideal buyers requires active participation on their preferred social media channels, times, and content velocity. 

  • The rush for many is web 3.0 technologies that will accelerate web decentralisation, 
  • Introducing more sales and distribution channels, 
  • Metaverse-like experiences and the rollout of AR/VR,  

Change is a constant in the digital landscape – online will be more immersive and personalised. 

The frameworks that continue to deliver faster growth – build community, power up growth loops and deliver sustained growth whilst reducing the acquisition costs are highly valuable. 

It is time to ACCELERATE communities of PASSIONATE NEW BUYERS by fuelling and facilitating their insatiable hunger for authentic content and conversations – so your business captures enormous attention and engagement – influence and sell more.

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.

The FASTEST growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day. 

  • More attention first 
  • Next More engagement 
  • Influence and Sell More. 

Our business reflects the human truth: we are a social and human-first digital agency built on strategic narrative and pitch across platforms.

We accelerate powerful buyer insights gained through micro-content that ultimately influences actual business results. 

Your ideal buyer truth is our lifeblood – we are loyal to it, defend it and accelerate it.

There is no longer a single, generic message served to a mass audience – now drive buyer attention and revenue growth by speaking specifically and differently based on who they are, by listening and understanding more.

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