Advanced B2B demand generation: have you dismissed 95% of your sales team?

The future has arrived: B2B buyers prefer a seller-free (human-free) buyer journey – Gartner. 

  • With 27% of buyers up to $500,000 purchases preferring – no human contact – ever, McKinsey.
  • Over 90% of buyers up to $50,000 prefer – no human contact, McKinsey.

Now – B2B digital commerce (digital revenue operations) has overtaken seller-led (human-assisted) purchases.

It has profound impacts and opportunities for all B2B businesses. Gartner reports that 72% of B2B buyers complete their purchases through digital revenue operations – no human contact. 

Traditional sellers – possibly need up to 90% less business development – sales staff,

Consider the XYZ Radio group today, selling into their local and regional markets; every city has teams of salespeople driving around each regional city – looking to top up their monthly budgets. 

Leadership in these situations may identify the top 5% best sales performers to keep – the others may need to be retrained for other roles or planned redundancies. 

The opportunities – are a significant reduction in costs and lifts in profitability due to less staff and other associated costs. 

But only if your digital revenue operations – your website and other digital assets allow buyers to research your solutions, evaluate your offers and complete a purchase online.

Removing a sales team without building your digital revenue operations to include – more 

  • trust and credibility, 
  • strengthening your value proposition – your WHY, 
  • elevator pitch and narrative, 
  • lifting your social selling methodology and implementing those practices, 
  • alongside a more strategic approach to marketing, 

Your business will fail to put – more bums on seats – keep and grow your revenue without the transformation- first. 

It is the classic old world versus new world business play – the fastest businesses to effectively transform their digital revenue operations – win market share. 

Gartner reports that 83% of B2B buyers say they prefer ordering or paying through digital commerce – is your business capable of receiving payment via your website today for all your products and services? 

Why – has it come to this? Most salespeople do not enjoy their role; they find it difficult to add value to buyer discussions. 

  • 27% sales – business development teams are looking for a new job – Gartner. 

Buyers have long recognised they could learn more with Google in 30 minutes than meeting with a business development person. 

The key is to redefine the salesperson role.

First, integrate your best performers into your digital revenue operations. Elements of the role may be the same – other elements will be automated – which will help build a high-performing sales force.

Gartner proposes a three-step review. 

  • Diagnose current state,
  • Develop your (transformation) plan,
  • Execute and drive change,

Want to understand the gaps in your current digital revenue operations? 

  • How does your business score against the best? 
  • How to quickly and efficiently solve your digital revenue operations? Either as a DIY approach or with it completed for your business? 

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