Social Media Management: How to grow faster knowing the hidden rules now

As the global economy slowed in 2022, digital advertising revenue grew 10.8% to $209 Billion.

  • Has your marketing budget gone up? It costs more to acquire and capture the same level of buyer attention (Ideal Buyer Inflation)
  • Is your business getting the maximum revenue return from your marketing? 

Three Demand Generation Tips


Twitter: may come across to some as

  • confusing,
  • overwhelming,
  •  fast and reactive, 

For many businesses, it provides a high-performance ROI social media platform. 

Last week the Twitter Algorithm was revealed publically by the company. 

Now we see what Twitter rewards and what it penalises in organic growth. 

How Twitter posts – Tweets – are ranked and shown to others – according to the Twitter algorithm. 


​Twitter encourages and rewards organic posts that capture attention but, most importantly, engage with people. 

ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. 

Tweets that capture more engagement are rewarded with increased attention by the platform, 

1. Likes – 30x more impact than people replying to posts, 

2. Retweets – 20x more impact than people replying to posts, 

3. Tweets with images and videos attached gain a 2x boost to a tweet’s visibility, 

Twitter penalises organic posts. 

  1. If someone mutes, blocks, or reports your tweet, it is a negative signal to Twitter. The result is that your Tweet’s visibility drops.
  2. Tweets with an external URL (leaving the platform) reduce attention. 
  3. A follower-to-following ratio matters. Vastly Follow more accounts than accounts following you, and your content will be de-prioritised.
  4. Engage with low-quality Twitter accounts, spam, or bots – your Twitter account gets penalised with less attention. 
  5. Twitter Blue – Fee-paying verification gets an automatic attention uplift. ( about $8 a month)

How to grow on Twitter? Post great content and engage with people on the platform – likes, retweets, and replies. 

Twitter now penalises its ecosystem of developer providers.

Last month access for developers to Twitter API was free. This month it is $42,000 monthly. For many, this has forced their closure. Elon wants more now. 

Social Media Growth Tips

  1. Tweet velocity (the volume of Tweets an hour, day, or week) is critical to capturing more attention. More posts equal more attention, engagement and revenue. Measure your Share of voice – the volume of daily organic posts compared to the total posted within your preferred hashtag channels. To ensure your velocity of posts, the share of voice is competitive. 
  2. Buyer engagement follows attention – you have to be seen more to trigger the buyer’s attention, 
  3. Your pitch, unique point of view, is critical to differentiate and capture attention and engagement, 
  4. Social Selling methodology: train your team to understand how to sell on social media – Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them. On average, an investment in Social Selling can return five dollars for every dollar invested. That results from a survey of over 47,000 Sales Reps across 200 businesses.
  5. Your content – is critical – to engagement – to be better known as an authority, expert, and credibility in your niche or industry – have a well-developed plan. 
  6. Exponential growth is linked to your ability to through your content post strategy that displays your (personal) business’s expertness, authority and trustability. 

Quick examples of content post strategies include 

  1. Share the process of doing something – if your business is selling honey – explain the hows, whats, and why’s about why your business does it – sells honey, why buyers should only buy from your business rather than its competitors. Include tips for your niche, actionable advice for your ideal buyers, and add social proof – it highlights your business’s authority, expertise and trustability. 
  • Share your unique point of view – may include your successes and failures – stories about when your business was up against some of its most significant challenges and how it survived, and why it did. 
  • Systems and processes – how your business achieves increasing or decreasing performance – tips that help buyers and others with ways to achieve more that you have found successful and others may find motivational, 
  • Share legitimate research and studies that may benefit others. Comment on how your business uses these insights or draw attention to possible ways others can. 

Be authentic – share – open up – allow the world to see your business difference (you) now. 

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